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Deep breaths. In and out. You can do this. You can do this.

    Heather gripped the strap of her bag tighter as she entered the east campus library at 6:50 pm on a Wednesday night. Ever the worrier, she always showed up ten minutes early to any appointment.

    Her bag was heavy with books, making her shoulders sag slightly under the weight. One of the many perks of majoring in literature; you have a million classes about reading and Heather has a severe disdain for e-books.

    If you can’t turn the page while your hungry eyes take in every word, what’s the point?

    Plus technology is too complicated. Heather is one of the few members of the flip phone club.

    The doors creaked as they opened and she checked the words scribbled on her hand in smeared ink. Anxiety made her sweat and meeting a new person was at the top of the list of Anxious Heather Triggers.

     Third floor, around the back.

     She’s an English tutor. She can’t be that bad, right? I mean the most threatening thing she can do is quote Shakespearean insults at me.

     After rounding the corner and finding the third floor empty, she spotted the only other living being around. Unless you count the mostly dead fern sitting on the circulation desk.

    “Umm… hello? I’m Heather, Heather Goode.” She said, voice shaking slightly.

    The tutor, Sidney Browne, turned around and flashed a smile. “An early bird, perfect.” He said.

    All color left Heather’s face. This was a male. This was a boy. Well, a man really. They were in college after all. He had to be at least a junior. Maybe he was in grad school already? What is he doing tutoring sophomore lot majors at 6:54 pm on a Wednesday night?

     He stood and held out a hand for her to shake. The gesture made her sweat even more. “Not much of a hand shaker? I get that.” He said, pushing his hand into his pocket. “Cold season.”

    Yes, right. It was cold season. Perfectly acceptable to avoid shaking hands.

     “Let’s sit.” He said, returning to his previously occupied chair. Heather moved to the opposite side of the table. “So, you’re here for Donaldson’s midterm paper? What are you analyzi-”

      “I thought you were a girl!” Heather blurted out. Her cheeks heated up at the sudden outburst while her heart pounded a violent rhythm beneath her her chest. “S-sorry.” She stuttered, earning a chuckle from Sidney.

    “I get that a lot. If it helps, I go by Sid.” He said. “Any way, back to the books. That’s why we’re here after all, right? You’re reading Delta of Venus.” He sounded surprised.

    Heather nodded. Words felt like cotton wool in her mouth.

    “Good choice. Now I unfortunately do not own a copy and neither does the library, those prudes. I’m assuming you have your own?”

     “Yep, right here.” She patted her bag a little too hard and hid her embarrassment behind her hair as she bent to look for her book. “Found it.”

     Sid reached over and grabbed the novel, sliding it between the two chairs on his side of the table. Heather blanched noticeably. “I figured it’d be easier if we both sat on the same side.”

     “Yeah that makes sense. Good plan.” She forced a smile and stiffly moved to the seat next to him.

     Up close was even better than before. His hair was unruly and wild, a bit frizzy in some parts but, it matched his demeanor well. Heather noticed his lips and the striking Cupid’s bow. She didn’t know lips could look like that. They looked like something out of an Austen or Brontë novel.

     “You seem…. nervous?” He said, thinking out loud. “If you have an nerves over the midterm it’s very easy. Donaldson may seem like a dusty old bag but he grades pretty easy.” Heather swallowed.

     Her hands were sweating again and her feet bounced nervously to hide the shaking of her legs.

     “So let’s start by reviewing the chapter you want to analyze. Page one hundred… and… fifty-two.” He drug our the number as he flipped to the correct section. “Why don’t you start reading?” He suggested, offering a kind smile though a playfulness lurked beneath the surface.

     Heather immediately regretted choosing such a risqué book.

     She began reading, hunching over the book slightly. Her long auburn hair blocked Sid’s view which caused him to lean forward, drastically shrinking the small space between them to near nothing. Heather felt his breath shift the hair on her cheek.

    A hand snakes it’s way up and tucked it behind her cheek. She made her way through the first page relatively okay, only stumbling on the words a few time when Sid would shift and his shoulder or elbow would bump into hers.

     Hair kept falling into her face and tickling her nose; as well as her glasses keep sliding down and threatened to fall off.

     Heather repeatedly tucker her hair and pushed up her glasses every few sentences. Soon the lenses were slightly covered in oily fingerprints.

     She was in the middle of a sentence when Sid’s hand moved from the table and tucked her hair behind her ear. He had to repeat the motion a few times to get it to stay.

     His fingers lightly brushed her ear and cheek in the process making both areas redden. A deeper blush took over when he stroked his hand through her hair, down her back to top of her chair.

     The room seemed a million degrees warmer with Sid’s right side pressed into hers. She was aware of every molecule of space between them. His presence made the air feel electrified.

     She stumbled on one word when a finger stroked her right arm from shoulder to elbow. “Keep going.” He encouraged. In their position, his lips were near Heather’s ear.

     Every word collided with her flesh, slowly sensitizing every nerve.

     “Uh… um… shouldn’t we be focusing on the mid term?” She asked, her body hot. It was like a furnace inside her sweater.

     “We are. You have to know what you’re going to analyze inside and out. Becoming familiar with the words is the only way to produce a good paper.” He said, sliding a hand to her ribs. “Reading is such an intimate thing, don’t you think?”

     Heather was lost for words. Every place he touched felt like fire. Her hands were sweating again, thought not with nerves, but, desire.

      “Please, continue.” Sid slid his hand down farther to the hem of her sweater.

     His fingers tentatively dipped under the fabric, pausing to admire the softness of skin for a moment. She continued to read, reaching a rather salacious passage within the book. Her breath hitches when a knocked grazed the underside of her breast.

     Her chest wasn’t extraordinarily large which she was thankful for. It mean she often went without a bra entirely considering Heather’s penchant for loose clothes.

     Words suddenly because hard to produce. Evernote felt foreign on her tongue. His entire hand planed her right breast, squeezing slightly before rolling the nipple between a finger and thumb.

     When he pinched, she stopped mid sentence. It was painful though a pleasure hid behind the sting as it faded.

      His other hand came around and found the waist of her leggings. It was laundry day so, all of her jeans were either dirty or in the wash.

    “Did I say you could stop?” He whispered in her ear as his fingers made blazing trails under the baggy cotton panties she’d worn.

    Heather cleared her throat and continued reading. She was breathing hard and her throat felt tight.

     Using his middle finger, Sid dipped between her folds and was met with something wet. He let out a devilish chuckle that you could hear the smirk in.

     He quickly worked small circles in an achingly slowly rhythm on the sensitive bundle of nerves. Heather’s leg squeeze shut involuntarily at the sudden sensation but this did little to stop his torment.

     As she reached the pique of the foreplay in the chapter, Sid picked up his pace, adding another finger before sliding into her slick heat. His higher hand alternated between caressing and pinching her breasts.

     He leaned forward and his lips gently nipped the skin below her ear before sucking away the hurt. Heather would definitely be sporting a mark on her walk home.

     Heather continued to read, a steady ache was growing in her lower belly as Sid continued to stroke her. He added a third finger and the stretch was intense. She gasped slightly and stopped reading, closing her eyes.

     Teeth bit into her bottom lip to stifle the moans that desperately clawed their way up her throat.

     “Keep reading.” He growled in her ear, pulling an ear lobe between his teeth.

     Sid increased his speed, hitting just the right spot at the perfect angle. Heather felt the ache in her belly crescendo until a warm, tingling feeling burst through out her body like a supernova.

     Her walls contracted around his fingers and he wrung the last few beats of pleasure from her. He removed his fingers and brought them to his mouth, sucking the product of Heather’s desire from them.

     Heather was slumped slightly against him as she came down from her high. She was shaking slightly but only pleasant emotions filled her brain.

     The only sound that could be heard was the slowing of Heather’s breath and the beating of her heart.

    “Now, I think you thoroughly understand the concepts for you analysis, do you agree?” He asked.

     “You were right. Reading is rather an intimate thing, Sid.” Heather said, post orgasm intrepidity replacing an nervousness.

     “That it is, that it is.” He gathered his papers and placed them into his messenger bag. “Now, if you’ll need any help for further assignments, feel free to contact me.” He smiled and walked away, plucking the Library’s copy of Delta of Venus off the shelf as he passed.

    Yes, the library doesn’t have its own copy.

    Heather rearranged herself. Her cheeks were flushed and she had a dazed look in her eyes but to a passerby she would just look like a busy student, studying for midterms.


  • a few typos, but otherwise enjoyable story

    Dec 21, 2018

  • Dec 23, 2018

  • Lexi Lovesit

    Lexi Lovesit

    An enjoyable and arousing story. it just needs a little minor editing to fix the few typos.

    Dec 27, 2018

  • Jan 01, 2019

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