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((Please Read Episode 1 before second episode.))

Deep in his sleep,Hitomu dreamed all the way in his home. He breathe deep and his body remained numb. All around was silent till his wandering seamless spirit fallen to another dimension. He woken up and seen himself in a room with ancient paintings. A woman approach him with fresh  towel wearing white apron and blue wrap around her. 

"Oh your awake Hitomu san." The much middle aged woman smile warmly then smacks Hitomu with a towel on his face. He felt to the ground.  She walks passed him.

"That is forreal chi that you taken your beatings for all the Shenigangs you done in our village!!"

Still knock out from the mysterious woman hit, his face was bit horrid and did not see that coming. The woman continues to complain about the boy. Finally Hitomu regain his strength and grabs the towel and throw at the woman,she ducks and laugh at him.

"If you want to get even,then I suggest you dont. You don't have anyone on your side.  Be lucky that I silent the villagers!".

"Silent them about what?! He question her when he got to his feet and picks up the towel. He look around with his estranged body from another world.the look as if he dreamed he in time that he wants to see himself different. Everythn feels slow and old history to him. The woman too probably despise him.

Mysterious woman happen to know that he some type of trouble maker. As her black crossed winds of hitomu,she sighed hard and walks to picture of man and woman on the wall.

"I guess, you had pretty hard sleep."

"You can say that.." he replied sarcastically but she paid no attention and doing so,she look at the painting. They both stand there quietly. "So can you recalled things before I injured myself?"

"Sure Hitomu san, you started a dispute with our villagers officals. You then said to me,you want risk your life in the training for the man's army.I  strictly told you, it too dangerous and just like your grandfather his father do anything to be known.."

"Yeah.."he processed Intel from the woman that sounds just like his dad and  his great grandfather. The only difference that they were man of honor and took on the family responsibilities. With that Hitomu is much lost in school and family life .So this woman may have connection to him.

"How was they wise anty?"((He calls the unknown woman that because he not sure she right or wrong about himself. He think that she has connection to his parents.))

"Wise..and anty.." She giggles "I am only wise because I watch you since your a kid and my sister would have been proud that your still living. "

"Why is that?" He curious to seek more information. He has not reach clue that the woman obviously spell out she is great aunt not his auntie.

"Well because, your  mother and I are sisters." She squeaked out with a concern as she walks to him and seen his face." Why do you act as if you don't know?"

"HEH I do know. I Am test your wisdom and I am sure,she be happy.."he starts to think fast as he glimpse of what this world about. His Eyes just became puzzled and more curious.."so this Hitomu similar to my life now. I Am act a jerk here but least no pan throw here. "

'Thatd right,  she should be happy and you should not flirt or gander with married women."

"Off course.." His mouth drop with still and the woman open her side door to the outside. She waves at villagers pass by and look at hitomu.

"Hitomu san, glad you feeling better. Please stop wandering around with unavailable women  and give your Antie Chirura a break."

Bell rings off in Hitomu mind as he get cleared sign that his great aunt. She looks very quite older but she owns a medince hut. He nods and then bows to her unknowingly he leaves out.

"Go apolgize. I swear your great grandfather Hitomu the wished one Earl oolong do exact same thing. I wished he passed down better teachings."

Hitomu nod again and left as Chirura kept mumbled off. He understand that way he is now and presence because of his great grandfather. He did not speak badly of him but he wish he could see him. Just once,he gain why the winds of time flew him into severe misguidance.

"It's because of my father side,I am this way.." He talk to back of his  mind as he walk opposite of the village up the hill and to the darkened forest. His foot became wet as he look down and sees his sandle are in a puddle.

"Well what do you know? I Am wearing kitzana and sandals ." He look down and seen his face pale,broad as box. He clearly not back at his aunt apartment. 'One thing that remains a kill, my eyes always have mystic glare . My hair short and have a loss to it is skeptical. "

He walk carelessly and find himself lost. He hears another woman but she sounds younger.he go into the bushes as the girl seen pick up berries.

"Miss do you need help?"' He asked the girl and the girl looked at him. She froze as that a bunch of berries from the tree came tumbling down on hitomu.

"Oh sorry. I been have trouble all eve long. '" 

"Not a problem . " hitomu assured the girl as he lift up from the ground and see how pretty the girl is . She carries a sweet smell of honey and berries around her. Her body halfway tall but skinny like Hitomu mean she healthy. 

"So what is a beautiful maiden being in the forbidden forest?" He asked the timid girl as she shakes off dirt on her hand me down kimono . Her brown eyes sparkle at the sight of hitomu.

"Myyy apolgy, I was get some ingredients for a healing elixir."

She spoke so calmly and graceful that Hitomu felt ease in her presence. She smiled then exit out to path of the village. He did Not want her go alone but he must need his great auntie words..

"Miss I mean my maiden, you must not go alone. I find this forest at unease.let me walk with you.".

She smirked and proceeds to walk by herself. Hitomu walks behind her and she looks back at him and he stops.she continues and he walks agaIn . She stops then continue to walk in town. He walks studied her beauty . She stop for last time. 

" I maybe youthful but I am fast as the winter grows on trees."

Her eyes marked where Hitomu standing and he looks back at her unpleasantly. 

"No need to be hostile.I am just being a humble savior."

"Heh, you mr. Hitomu a savior?!" You no savior,you try to be savior. "

She gags and walks down the path of entrance of the villages and he kind feel hurt by her. It reminds him back at home, the female in his class be scared of him or think he too soft. He react easily towards his clasdmates.

"How do you know my name? Can A man of this village walk you home?"

He inquiries but she has not responded it. He rush up to her and she looks away.

" Have you heard my great grandfather protect our people and it be disrespectful to say mean things to a descendant?"

"Disrespectful..." the girl murmured as the wind around them picked up and all remains silent. She look back at Hitomu as she held her hands. "ThaThat is you whom has disrespect him and be so much lost. "

She left as he started to break down. He couldn't help to cry but all the students were right.  He is a soft emotioNal man in the inside because he do not want nobody to know. Even this reality reject him as a wake up called,he cannot run away from things he caused. He walk future behind the girl and villagers surprised to see even a slightest tear from him. He came to the group of man at the chief hut and he wiped his tears .

"Excuse me. " he said tenderly, the chief and his man were just talk about him.hm they did not believe their eyes. The boy idiot has feelings all of sudden and whom be responsible for this,they probably wondered. 

"Yes ,how can we the council help you?" They all looked at the young man kind of painfully. Still their mind puzzled by Hitomu transformation.

"I want to say,I am sorry for cause any agony to the village. I mean no harm."

"Well what causes you to explained yourself today?" The chief speaks as his man clears his view of hitomu. He places his elderly hands on his white beard and body faced toward the young man.

"I felt a great deal of unhappy emotion in me and would not be able to live properly on my great grandfather village in that matter."

The chiefs man congregate as the curious chief silent his men and look up at the young man. He motion that Hitomu to come to his sight and chat. So when he did, he have one of his man grab a small wood painting of man formerly Hitmou grandfather father.

"See here,  you was not the first to be so lost in time. Your great grandfather in this picture of me had been mischievous."


The painting on piece of carved wood really old and Hitomu looked at the faded brush strokes . He seen his great grandfather whom had black long hair with black eyes smirked in the picture. He signed with a smile and then the chief took painting and gave to his men.

He went back to Hitmou and folded his heads in peace. "The only good thing is that you have this release of good will to be atonement in your actions. I sincerely as the chief  here appreciate. "

"Your wise. I do my part to keep the peace in the village. I Am sure my path will find me." He said to the chief as he bows and leaves quietly,the chief observe him. He looks back at his man.

"Young kin of great man lost indeed but soon man,he find his way.."

"Chief" said a guardsmen "shall we need him on the battlefield?"

"No, the wind will howl for him.he shall be on his journey. " 

After meeting the chief, Hitomu came to realize  that he lost in his feeling not his life. He passed by the potion shoppee,a little place sales healing medince exchange for produce. He enters in the  hut and see herbs and pills to be purchased. His partial sightings didn't watch out for the girl come around the corner.

She comes and he bump into her cause her tray of herbs to spill on the ground. Her eyes tint with be annoy became angered. She quickly picks up the herbs and tray hurried to the fire pit. 

"What are you a witch?" He asked the girl and she study places herb in the hit boil pot. He study her body but he refrain from be his old self. 'Look I am sorry for cause you any mishap. I was just ___"

"Leaving..." She glares at Hitomu as she opens the door to outside and gesture  for him to leeave. He scratch his head and obviously felt bit bad. 

"Okay I am sorry if I distract you. Please hear me out."

"Hear you out for what Hitomu. You flirt on helpless woman include me." She points to herself and left the door opens.

"Man cannot help being attract to such beauty. Let alone live a life where he fights and hope someone love him."

He stands by the store door but he leans on the hay wall pouts. "Thou is alone and lost like you said. Only because my father side is mess up."

No no, she wiped her hands and knew I on the ground towards him. "You know not lost because of him. It because he free spirit and most of his life on the winged it moment."

"I must not wing anymore. Life I create will only bring me back to be the issues as the same."

"Hitomu. " 

Her voice echoes his name concernly. He looks up and he sees her kiss his forehead . He flustered red in his cheeks and he pulls the girl up,himself too.

"We must met before."

"Occasionally my parents has been healing your grandfather and his father wounds for years. You should know me.


He began to think endlessly "AsAsoka right?"

"Well almost right. It is Asura haijume. " she corrects him and jeez the nap he took might have wiped out his  memory. He smiled and then gets up, he want to give her a hug but she heard the back door open and quickly hushed Hitomu. He nodded and she accidentally push him onto the hot pot  where he fell in it. 

She says  " I am sorry..." His consciousness took him out of that life and back to his present self where he immediately fell off the bed.

"Ouch..'" he murmured as his aunt Nor a enter the room. She laughs as her tall broad self were amused. 

"Aww did Hitomu fell out from his slumber?" She teased him as he rub his eyes and reaches for the end of the bed. He seen his benevolent red hair auntie stare at him.

"FOR your information,I  was take a nap and  I had bad day."

"Aww your still have trouble with that loser friend playbook?!"

Her face seem to be concern not really. She been out all night and know that Hitomu never heed her advice. So she let him struggle on his own. Pretty much, it show tough love complex between the two.

"MY loser friend playbook may need to be revised and.."he checked his phone and his friends called him alot. Hoping he didn't commit sucide,he place the phone down and look at the comic book. " the novel really was not Romantic as I thought."

"Of course not kido, it's ancient Chinese world back in the early feudal era. When the Chinese people managed their livestock with plantations of rice and cattle. You know that in 9th grade."

"Your right. Dad always into the early life of China people." He  goes on about his dad and starts take off his shirt. He sees his aunt observe him.

" I just got to find my way like he did."

His aunt smiled and feel like she didn't have to beat him today. She throws bag of sweets at him. 

" You will,promise me, no more plays from stupid idiot classmates.  Your already in your teens and go through emotions. You don't need to  squad up with girls."

"Sure thing, aunt." He takes out a ginger bun and bites into it . She watch's him eat. She sighs and say one more thing

"Aye  do something about your grades. No excuses to ruin your chance of education. Swear your papa enlist to fight over a degree risky. " she nodd and then closed his bedroom door. The things she say got to hitomu. He had to grow up be a student and not a warrior. His family heirloom was help him to be understood. He hear because his father's sacrifice their life for his education. No way he can be like his childhood friend. 

Destiny  is been passed down by family. Dreams objectify purpose . He think to himself, no matter where  he dreams.it will remind him of who he is. There no way out of your chosen path.

The  end of episode 2...



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