Heartbreak: The Devils Curse Read Count : 9

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Romance
She was young and naive and he was handsome and cheeky, she being the short pretty girl and he the tall knight in shining armour. The perfect couple. And it was perfect until the armour on the knight started to rust and eventually it wore off, once the armour skin had removed itself a devil was revealed. She was manipulated by the devil and cooperated in the cruel quests that he asked her to complete. She was trapped. She felt the urge to say ‘No’ but was compelled to say ‘yes’. She hated that. She would wake up everyday trapped in a nightmare ground hog day, reliving the most painful moments that have branded in a small part of her brain. She was stripped of her originality and every part that made her the girl she used to be. But that’s it... she will forever be known as HIS girl and not THAT girl. One day she was struck with the brutal reality as her love bubble was so abruptly burst she was left the dark truth, she finally enabled herself to stand up to the devil himself and make him look like just a boy in a Halloween mask. She took the machete made of guilt and impaled him right in the heart. However, the devil never shows up to a fight without a weapon of his own and stabs her right back in her spine with a blade made of sadness. As she leaves the realm she was held captive in  and returns to her real home, she was overwhelmed with deep deep depression. The sleepless nights, the erasing of memories, the loss of comfort started overtaking her petite body. As she sprints to a person that can help her poor soul she is stopped in her tracks, and one by one her body breaks and is left in a pile around her the only thing left untouched and still in tact  was her beating heart. Suddenly, a dark cloud emerges from the sky, the devil reappears and says to the girl “I will savour your heart if you return to me”. She anticipated on this thought and she had the urge to say ‘yes’ but she had the control to reply ‘no’. The devil looked in shock. With that he pulled up her head so she could see clearly what he was doing and he picked up her still beating heart. With a hard grip he then tears the heart in half while she watched in agony. Her heart is broken.


  • Nice work

    Jan 19, 2019

  • Jan 19, 2019

  • Very sad and deep writing. Very moving

    Jan 21, 2019

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