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Welcome to the writers club for all the writers with

The Midas touch (Writers just like us).

Emcees don't cypher as much

That's why we need a readers and writers club (So sign up) X2

I write what I like and I like what I write

I like to be write but I don't really write to be liked (There's a difference)

I get hyped when I write, like journalists

But I'm no journalist (nope) - So I don't write for the hype

And not to say that hype is not right, but writing won't get you hyped

And having the hype doesn't mean you can write (no)

And hype is the right cover up so that whatever you write just might-

Get you on the cover HYPE

You can count from left to right

How many writers are left and you be left thinkin' its not right?

Just, how many writers have been left stranded?

Its quite a mess, like trynna write - left handed

But even tho there's not much left that feels right

Look, I'm still here- I have not left I still write 

I'm the author, with so many books left to write

Slash performer, still getting booked left and right (sign up!)

I write what I feel and I feel what I write

To get that right feeling I put a feeling in what I write

Then the feeling is what I write, then the feeling is what I like

I call it 'light-reading', because, reading, it is the light

(You feeling me, right?)

See by speakin' it through the mic and by reading it through the night

I'm leading you to the night

(You reading this, right?)

You got the right to read - I'm reading your rights

So what I write you read and I'd like to see you see the light

And I see that you seem to like-

Seeing an emcee who writes

Now there's a danger - in being seen a real emcee

Because, real emcees are an endangered species-

Now that's the life I'm trynna lead

I'm trynna lead writers back to life cause we a dying breed

I'm trynna bread - writers who write the lead

And bring life to the writings that you're dying to read (so sign up!)

Give me something to write, so I can write something you like

I know you like someone that writes

My type of writers -Are the type to recite at cyphers

But like cyphers, they're phased out like type-writers

We gotta fight fire with fire and re-ignite the fire inside us

We need writers and fire-lighters

I'm the type of fighter who's trynna inspire writers-

Too see the light and put out fire like fire-fighters

I wanna burn the fortune five list

Cause unfortunately fortune drives us to write four tunes and five hits (Tell 'em!)

Then radio will force you to like it

And cause you to buy it

I want you to read my thoughts like you psychic

I'm rather biased and by far my heart's desires-

Are burning hot enough to start some forest fires

I'm more defiant, and a little mortified

And there's only four to five writers

No more to find.


  • Jan 19, 2019

  • Jan 19, 2019

  • Oh my god this is really good Love this really I see the potential in you to write and convince us what you feel keep up the good work

    Jan 19, 2019

  • Jan 19, 2019

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