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India is a land of diversity,let's today talk us about our mother land, it's heritage culture and diversity,culture of India is one of the oldest and unique.india is a home of ancient civilizations,including 4 major World religions,hinduism,budhhism,jainism and Sikhism,festivals in India are characterized by colour,gaiety,enthusiasm,prayers and rituals.As we are talking about our nation let's take a snap on some issues such as the handicap political system, darker side of our India and the Indian woman.

   Since independence  democracy has perhaps been India's  greatest asset, but at times we see democracy as India's greatest handicap situation, corruption scandals, crucial legislation and many more."There is a wide spread belief that kind of democratic system in which we operate is falling us. 

    India may be known for its beautiful landscape and extraordinary  culture but there is a dark side too,In a country where caste system still dictates the lives of the Indian citizens, the Muslim,  tribal,lower caste,or untouchable communities , our marginalized and discriminated,severist human right violation,gender based violence,acid attacks, dowry linked are the most relevant issues in india let's work in unison to actualise  dream of a strong, flourishing nation that is at the forefront of the comity of nations by 2022,Mindsets also need to change in the country if we are to realise our goals, be it Swachh Bharat, Start-up India, Make in India, etc.This has to be an India which gives every citizen the opportunity and the means to realise his growth and potential, a country which is vibrant socially, economically and culturally.lets end it with an interesting poem.

Life giver,creator,magic maker

            She is a woman

Kitchen keeper,a house keeper

                      She is a woman

         Hope,beauty,power lies in her eyes

                     She is a life giver

   Still the traditions Continue,let spread her wings!!

               She deserves nothing less from you

    She is a daughter, mother,sister,wife!!

                          She is a woman.


  • Jan 19, 2019

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