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Her thoughts were no longer organized, simply blurred together from certain pains. Of which the only time she looked forward to was when sweet oblivion came for her and she knew only the blackness of unconsciousness. The room she was in slurred together with all the other rooms she had been in. The old-styled wrist brace shackles had been specially made for her. There were no key holes, just welding marks. There were more around her thighs, shins, and ankles. Though for the moment, her ankles weren't chained to anything and her thighs were connected to her shins by one shiny new chain link. Her wrist guards slid and locked together, chained to the ceiling of the canopy over the soft, large bed. She hung, stretched and sitting up, her legs barely touching the soft comforter. She was a 5'1"petite woman with small breasts and a fine-boned body. Her blond hair fell around her, slightly wavy, coming halfway down her lower back. She was vaguely aware that this time she was at least wearing a thin red slip over her fair skin.

The door opened and she glared up with her rich blue eyes.

One of the men in charge of her, whom dressed in a staff uniform entered the room.  The uniform consisted of a white tunic, under a black fur jacket and grey slacks. He had short cropped, dirty blond hair and was eyeing the young man next to him as he opened the door for him. The spiky brunette, with brown eyes looked back at her, expressionless. He had an irregular, horizontal half inch long scar that slightly curved upward in the middle of his forehead. The young man stopped dead in the doorway, frowning at her. The front of his hair was straighter, giving him some ragged bangs whereas the back was more spiked. He wore an expensive rich blue jacket with gold buttons over an almost worn, dirty tunic. His pants matched his jacket perfectly. His shoes were a rich, almost purplish black leather. Small buckle straps round around them. "Release her shakles."

"Sire, that is not advised-"

"Silence." The man growled, eyeing him.

The blond hesitated...then bowed, "Just a moment Your Highness." The guard quickly disappeared out the heavy wood door, silent on his feet. With any luck, they'd really undo the shackles.

The woman eyed the man in front of her. ~'Your Highness' huh?~

"What's your story?"

She frowned as that took her by surprise. "My story?" She asked just to be sure he really wanted to hear.

He nodded, watching her closely. "What is your name?"

"My name..." She was dumbfounded. It had been quite awhile since anyone had asked that. "Sophie." She finally replied. "I, uh, I am Iesmiarian." She looked away from him, not wanting to talk about it.

There was a pause, then, "I see." The blond guard returned with someone who filled the chained woman with fear and anger as her muscles grew taunt, her hands releasing the chains she had been grabbing and instead clench into fists. Adrusijeik. A wizard, and a bastard. He made these shackles that bound the woman so well. His features were hidden in the crowl of his dark cloak. The guard motioned Adrusijeik forward and the woman flinched back against her chains. The brunette had grown tense as he watched the wizard. Adrusijeik extended his hand toward the woman who glared back. The wizard actually flinched back from her before the shackles released, revealing the scars from previous fights against various restraints. The woman collapsed to her knees, her arms dropping like deadweights, then she gritted her teeth and swung at the wizard, who quickly moved away from her. Her wild and uncoordinated swing wouldn't have hit him anyway. "I greatly like the King's gift. I'll have my steward contact the overseer. She is now mine." The woman wasn't sure she liked this or not. On one hand, the powerful man before her seemed the possessive type, which made him less likely to loan her out like she was now. That could prove a more pleasent change. However, she did not condone to being 'owned'.

The blond guard bowed, "Of course King Drakon." The woman's eyes widened in shock and fear. The Drakon King, infamous for being mysterious and blood-thirsty. Fear permeated her body, freezing her weak muscles in place. ~Just what-just what have I gotten into?~ The woman thought in panic.

"Leave us."

"But-" The Drakon King had but to look at him and the guard fell silent, ashen faced. The sorceror was already by the door, ready to leave. The guard bowed, "As you wish Sire." They left and the woman was alone with the fearsome ruler...and yet, although she was scared, she was more relaxed now that the wizard and guard have gone.

"Zarathustra." The King said. The woman was confused but a man entered the room as if summoned by that one word. He was an elegant man with fine blond hair, medium cut, his bangs framing on either side of his face. His eyes, though small, were kind-looking, something about him reminded her of a fox. He bowed politely to each of them with a welcoming smile, his focus seeming to be on her. She eyed the King wearily, wondering if the servent would get in trouble. She was tense, anticipating conflict.

"Welcome." Zarathustra greeted her, then turned his focus to his leige. "Your Highness, what can I do for you?"

"A robe Zarathustra."

The servent blinked, then bowed. "Right away Sire." The man promptly left and the woman was once again confusedly left alone with the rumored King.

"Sophie, we need to talk." He gestured to the comfy red armchairs next to ths fireplace. "Come sit with me." She baulked at being told what to do, but decided to follow him non-the-less, her muscles stiff. She sat, back straight, watching him as he watched her, his chin resting on his palm. Finally he lowered his hand and spoke. "I offer you a proposition. Stay with me until you have the means to support yourself. I ask nothing untowered of you. You just have to stay close to me for your own safety. This may prove uncomfortable for you but again, I offer no advances of any kind." Sophie narrowed her eyes at him. He seemed completely different from the rumors. More like a saint than the devil. 

How was she supposed to react to this? Was she walking into a trap? "Why?"

He stared at her, then said, "Because I can." She liked that answer. This wasn't at all like her, but she was leaning toward accepting, at least for now. To make matters worse, her mind was so muddled and exhausted she could barely think. "Well, think it over. Regardless you have to stay near me to be safe here."

She sighed, giving up. "If you don't touch me."

He nodded. "I won't touch you."

She looked around at the huge, lush, red room. "And when you say close..."

He nodded. "I wouldn't chance not being in the same room as me as long as we are in Godor."

Sophie sighed again, exhausted. "Fine. For tonight I will do as you say."

The King nodded. "For the rest, spend as much time to think about it as you like. Also, accepting does not set everything in stone." What was up with this blood-thirsty king being so personable? Sophie looked around tiredly. "Please," the King said, gestering to the huge, plush red bed. "use the bed." Sighing again, wondering what was about to happen, Sophie slid under the covers, huddled to one side of the huge bed. She felt sleep dragging her down as soon as she closed her eyes. Zarathustra returned with a silk blue robe and the King changed into it. The servent left with the used cloths and the King laid down on the decorative couch.

Unable to take it anymore the woman dragged herself out of the lull sleep was trying to put over her and threw her covers back. "You have got to be kidding me!" She marched over to the King who had sat up and was looking at her with a raised eyebrow. "What kind of King are you? Having the slave take the bed while you sleep on the couch?"

He stood and suddenly hefted her over his shoulder, at the bed in no time and flopped them both onto it. "Then shall we share it?"

Sophie blushed deeply. "Y-Yes." He sighed then smirked and rolled off her, sliding under the covers on one side. Sophie had to take a moment to collect herself before she too climbed into the bed and this time she immediately sank into sleep.


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