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Hey Everyone! 

Hope you’re all having a good day/night! 

Here’s a little backstory to this story. My teacher assigned us a setting, character, and something that happened. 

I got 

Football game 

You tuber 

And a secret gets out 

I spent a long time trying to come up with an idea. Each one I came up with I didn’t like. Thankfully, I had finished typing it all and turned it in a minute before the deadline. 

Not exactly my favorite story mainly because I couldn’t think of an idea, but I hope you enjoy the read! 

Football team 

You tuber 

And players all fictional 

Constructive Criticism Welcome! 🙂


1990s rock music playing in the background with vintage curtains on the wall, and rugged carpets layered on the ground. Clothing being tossed left and right as Ethan flings them across the room in a desperate attempt to find the right shirt. 

“You know doing that isn’t going to help find the shirt, right?” asked Macy.  

   Yeah I know that but I’m just too excited. Can you believe it I actually get to go to a real football game? Said Ethan Enthusiastically. I never thought I’d actually get the chance to go to a game!

“Don’t want to ruin your excitement but how are you even able to go? Last month your mother barely had enough for rent I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t spend hundreds on a ticket.” 

It wasn’t from my Mom it was actually from one of my subscribers. They were one of my very first subscribers and for hitting a million subscribers they bought the ticket for me. My Mom barely has enough to last the week despite me having enough to support us both,” Said Ethan.

     “That was pretty nice of them to get the ticket for you. You know she doesn’t want you to spend anything until you get to college. Every cent you’ve earned has gone toward your college expenses. 

Yeah it’s awesome that they did it for me! I’m trying to find my football shirt though and I can’t find it anywhere. It’s green with blue and yellow stripes on the sleeves and a steelheads logo in the front. It has my favorite players name on the back of it printed in gold.

   “Where did you last see it at? Asked Macy.

               I’m not sure where I last seen it. Said Ethan,” I thought it was in my closet.

              “Well I’m sure it’s here somewhere we just gotta look harder.

W…what are you doing?” He asked.

“I’m looking for your shirt come on I’m not going to stay on this floor rummaging through your clothing all day. We have to upload a new video in an hour anyway.” Said Macy with as much sass as she could muster.

Ethan joined her on the floor as they collectively searched through the clothes while singing along to the cranberries hit song “Zombie”.

        Many miles away in a luxurious house with a vibrant freshly cut lawn. Many people rushing out of the house as a voice bellows.

“What do you mean you can’t do it anymore? We’ve been doing it for 6 years why would you quit now?”

I’m sorry but I can’t do it anymore it isn’t right and you know it.” Said Marcus.

“I can’t believe you ugh, whatever I’ll find a way around this.” 

Mike no offense but you know as well as I that you are no good at football.” Said Marcus in a nonchalant voice.

“Why do you think I asked you for help? I know I’m no good at football but the public don’t need to know that.” Said Mike.

Well what I said is final I’m not helping you lie to the public anymore. Find your own ways to do it but don’t involve me anymore.” Said Marcus.

Mike steps so he’s directly in front of Marcus and looks down at him while saying in a threatening tone “You doubt me brother ha don’t worry I won’t need your help.”

Ok well if you’re so sure about yourself then I best be on my way.” Said Marcus in an unbelieving tone.

         Just as Marcus leaves Mike walks over to his desk in his office. Picks up the phone and dialed a number and began speaking

 “Jamie hey I was wrong turns out I do need that favor.”

Oh Mike hey that’s great! When should I be ready to go?

“I know its short notice but will two days be enough? It’s ok if it’s not enough time I can always find someone better that can….

Stop, Mike just stop two days will be a perfect amount of time. You don’t need to worry I’ll be there and ready in two days. “Said Jamie while interrupting Mike.

Ok if you say so then I’ll see you in two days.

  Back at Ethan’s house there are cameras set up in all four cameras. Lighting to brighten up the room and Macy standing on screen. Happily talking to the camera “Everyone we are back for another great episode of the life of a diabetic. Our very own Ethan has prepared something very special for you all. Ever wonder what a diabetic has to do to prepare for a large event? Well thanks to a generous gift from rainbowslayer67 you get the chance to find out. Ethan has been given tickets to a football game that’s playing in two days. The game is 3 days driving distance from Ethan though, so he will be flying. Now Ethan why don’t you tell us a little about what you have to do to prepare.

 Gladly thank you Macy for the introduction and providing our fans with a little information. Since I will be getting on a plane and I have a pump I can’t go through any body scanners. If I were to go through any it could mess up my pump and it wouldn’t work properly. The airport is already a two hour drive from my house so I’m going to have to leave extra early. Not only will I have to get up early but I have to prepare all my medication. I’m going to be there for three days so I can sight see a little. Which means I’ll need my insulin, pump charger, Humalog, test strips, and a lot more than that.

  Another big issue is unexpected low numbers which can happen on random. Depending on activities I will be doing throughout the day I can give myself proper dosage as to prevent going low or high.

 One thing which I’m very excited about is the cranberry cheesecake which I’m dying to try. I can taste it already.

   “You’re such a weirdo of course you would think about the cheesecake. It’s all you think about every place you go.” Said Macy while laughing.

  That’s because the cheesecake is always better in other places. I can’t help it if I love cheesecake not that I’m complaining cheesecake tastes like heaven to me.” Said Ethan.

 Anyway there will be extra things that I’ll have to do in order to ensure I’m safe during this wonderful experience. Rainboeslayer67 thank you for the ticket I greatly appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoy our videos. Ethan and Macy out see you next week everybody! Said Ethan.

  “That was great Ethan I’m just going to edit out a little than upload it.” Said Macy.

       Ok can I help with editing at all?” asked Ethan.

        No I got it there isn’t much more me to edit out honestly. Besides it sounds to me like your Mom is home did she talk to you yet?” 

 Ugh no she hasn’t she’s been giving me the silent treatment ever since I told her about the game. I mean I know she’s concerned but I’m 18 I know how to care for myself. She worries about me constantly and I love her I do but this is just craziness. “Said Ethan exasperated.

  Ethan silently walks over to his Mother who’s in the kitchen putting food on the stove. He quietly pulls out a chair and sits down. Contemplates on what he can say to break the increasing tension of the situation.

 “Hey Mom how was your day today? Asks Ethan finally finding the right words.

    No answer as his Mom continues to cook dinner for that evening.

   “Come on Mom you can’t just ignore me forever I want to talk to you.” Said Ethan

 Still Ethan only got silence as his answer with a troubled look from his mother.

  “Are you mad that I’m going to the game? Are you worried come on Mom why won’t you just answer me?” 

His mother turned around and said “Te crie sin nada y todo lo que has hecho es quejarte!”

  Infuriated Ethan stands up and practically shouts “Tuviste suficiente para cuidarnos durante anos, ipero lo gastas en disfraces en lugar de comida!” Don’t you dare blame anything you did on me! You could’ve had us living in a luxury home by now, but after Dad passed you spent every last penny on outfits, disguises, and fancy dresses. “Said Ethan as a tear rolled down his cheek and splashed on the ground.

   I can’t believe you how did I manage to raise such an ungrateful son. You don’t know what it feels like to lose someone. You don’t know what it feels like to have your world completely change. You’ve always been ungrateful and that’s why I do not want you going to this football game. “Said Lucy.

  Pft I have never been ungrateful for anything you’ve given me. I do know what it’s like by the way to lose someone and to have your world change. When I was diagnosed my world completely changed and the person I was did as well. I lost the old me as soon as the new me stepped in. If it wasn’t for Macy I probably wouldn’t even be standing here having this argument with you. I’m going to this game and I’m going to enjoy myself so continue ignoring me all you want it’s seemed to work for 18 years already. 

Sad and defeated Ethan walks back over to where a tear stained Macy stands completely hurt by what he’d said. She knew Ethan and his mother had a lot of issues that were never worked out between them. She met Ethan when he was 7 years old and they had instantly connected with one another. She remembers the nights though when they would escape to Macy’s treehouse because Ethan’s Mom spent another night out with her boyfriend Ken. Lucy never wanted to take care of Ethan because after her husband died she just saw Ethan as a burden. Macy doesn’t understand Spanish but she knows that whatever was said between them wasn’t anything good.

  She can see how hurt he is right now and that he just needs someone to be there to take his mind off of it. 

D do you want to see if we can finally find your shirt before you leave?” asked Macy.

 “Uh um yeah let’s go do that.” Said Ethan in between crying.

    The next day Ethan was on a plane to Pittsburgh where the game was being held. His favorite team the Steelheads are up against the cobras this season. The Steelheads are almost impossible to beat since they have their star player Mike Willows. Mike is my favorite player and I bet this game is going to be an easy win with him in it. Macy and I managed to find the shirt which coincidentally I had left at Macy’s house when her Dad threw himself a football themed party. It’s extremely early though so I’m going to try and sleep before I get there.

Let’s head back to the luxurious house with the fresh cut lawn and see how Mike’s doing shall we. 

“You’re sure this is going to work I mean no offense but it isn’t an exact copy of Marcus.” Asked Mike. 

It’ll do well enough for the game I programmed all of Marcus’s usual moves into this robot. Gave it a latex mask that looks just like you and Marcus and it even speaks three different languages. The only way people will know this is a robot and not actually Mike is if someone either opens the circuit board or spills water on it.” Said Jamie

  “Did you have this thing built for a while or was this a spur of the moment kind of thing.” Asked Mike.

I’ve had this built for a few months actually. When you began suspecting that your brother might quit helping you. I came up with a way you can still continue doing what you’re doing.” Said Jamie.

“Well I appreciate it dealing with a robot is a lot better than dealing with my sarcastic overly smart bozo of a brother.” Said Mike with a grin on his face.

  No problem anything to help just as long as I get 10% of your profit.” 

     “You will don’t worry that won’t be a problem.” 

         Good now let me teach you how to control this thing so you don’t end up blowing your cover in front of millions of people.

    Let’s head back to Ethan now that Mike has gotten his time to reveal part of his plot. Ethan now has finally landed in Pittsburgh and is being driven to his hotel in a shuttle bus. The hotel isn’t the best in the world but it’s fairly priced and he’s only going to be here three days anyway so he opted cheap. 

“My name is Ethan Rolland I booked a room for three days.”

 Yes your room is ready here is your key go to room 227. Have a nice stay at sunshine hotel and try out the pool sometime it’s a wonderful time to enjoy your day.  

 “Thank you maybe I’ll check it out one of these days.”

Ethan goes up to his room and immediately calls Macy hoping she’ll pick up. To his utter delight she picks up almost right away as if she had been waiting for his call.

“Macy hey I landed and I’m at my hotel.” He said.

  That’s great Ethan what are you going to do until the game tomorrow?” she asked.

 ‘Well I was looking online while I was on the plane and Mike is having a meet and greet today at 4 o’clock!”

  Mike he’s your favorite player isn’t he?” she asked.

 “Yes he is, so I’m probably going to do the meet and greet then have dinner.” He said.

  Well you have fun call me if you need anything.” She said right before hanging up.

Hours pass and Ethan is at the meet and greet. Ethan is perplexed though because he’s seen every game, interview, video, social media post about Mike yet the person here doesn’t seem like Mike. Mike is known for random acts of anger and can get quite frustrated easily. This Mike though is so calm and collected its actually starting to frighten Ethan. He pushes it away though thinking it’s probably because Mike’s having pre-game jitters and goes to meet his favorite player. 

“Mike it’s so great to meet you I’m such a huge fan.” He said.

  I’m glad you’re here It was an honor to meet you.” Said Robot Mike.  

   Ethan and Mike get a quick photo together and then Ethan heads out to go get dinner.

    Hours pass and it’s now 10pm and Ethan is on the phone with Macy. “You don’t understand it Macy he was a completely different person. I’ve loved Mike since I was 5 years old I know basically everything about him. The guy I seen at that meet and greet was not Mike.” Said Ethan

  Who else would it be because it couldn’t be a stunt double since from this picture he’s identical to all his other photos.” She asked.

 I’m not sure but tomorrow I’m going to prove it isn’t the real Mike. There have been various experiments done in the past of how Mike deals with his anger. What if I show up early and present him with real life situations and see how he reacts?” said Ethan.

 You do that look I gotta go I have work tomorrow. Good luck proving Mike isn’t who he says he is!” she said.

Ethan spent all night coming up with ideas to test if Mike is actually himself. He’s already tested three of them and Mike’s reacted just the way he’s supposed to. “

I don’t understand why does he act normal one some occasions then weird on others.

  I’ve tried live bugs in his uniform and slime in his helmet. I’ve tried switching his ketchup for hot sauce which resulted in him almost hitting me by the way. I even started talking to his ex-girlfriend Jamie Lockwood and each time the reaction is one you would expect from Mike. I have only 5 more situations I can try before my study is a fail.

 “Hey Mike can I talk to you for a second?’

  What is it kid I’m very busy I don’t have time for small talk?

  Te gusta el futbol? “Asks Ethan.

   Si, por supuesto que lo hago.”Said Mike 

“That’s great I’m glad that you like football.’ Said Ethan.

Many attempts later and Ethan only has one test left, but the game has started so he’s going to have to wait until after the game. Ethan just watches and listens as the intercoms play loud and clear for him.

“Everyone we are here at our first game to start off the season. We’ve got a lot of familiar faces on the field today. Steelheads very own Mike Willows who holds a world record for most field goals attempted. He’s a crowd favorite as you can tell by the crowds of people shouting his name. It seems we are in for a good game today folks. Wow an awesome interception by Colby! I can’t believe it Mike is really playing his best today. What are the cobras doing out there? It’s going to be hard to get ahead in this game. Oh what a tough call there for the steelheads. After the game with the steelheads leaving with the victory. Wow what a game that was can’t wait for the next game of the season.

As Ethan rises from his seat he realizes this is his last chance. If he doesn’t do It now he might not ever see Mike again. His last test is a water test because almost every human hates getting unexpectedly wet so let’s see how Mike reacts. Ethan marches over to the refreshments table fully aware of everyone watching him. People shout asking him what he’s doing but he doesn’t care. He goes straight toward the team and dumps the water directly on top of him. Instant shock erupts from the crowds and even from Ethan himself.

“I can’t believe it this isn’t Mike at all” It’s all been a lie my goodness this will be a game to remember.

   Three weeks later and Ethan’s back at home talking with Macy. “Hey look who made the front page.” Said Macy.

 Teenage you tube star Ethan Rolland discovers the truth behind Mike Willows. A giant fraud using other people to play the game just so he could get the profits. The robot used in the most recent game was built by his ex-girlfriend Jamie and Mike’s brother Marcus played for the past six years. We are equally as shocked as everyone around the world is but we’re glad someone like that is no longer on the field. Ethan Rolland our gratitude goes out to you for stopping the football frauds.

Hope you enjoyed the read! 🙂


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