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One day Jean went to town. She was walking past this store and stopped and caughta glance of a beautiful painting. Jean went in to the store and asked the cashier how much it was.

Jean: “Hello sir.”

Mick: “How can i help you mam.”

Jean: “I would like to know how much that painting is sir.”

Mick: “Oh yes that painting coast $5.”
Jean: “$5! for such a beautiful painting.”

Mick: “Yes mam, it's a special painting.”
Jean: “Ok then. I will like to buy that painting good sir.”

So Jean bought the painting and left the store. She went back home and hung the painting on the wall. Jean ate supper, took a bath, and went to bed. The next morning Jean woke up and went to look at her beautiful painting that was hanging on her wall, but it wasn't a beautiful painting anymore. It was a big swirl hanging on her wall. She walked up to it slowly and all of a sudden it sucked her right in to it.

Jean: “ahhhhhhh! What is happening.”
    Jean went around and around in circles. Then she finally hit the ground and got knocked out. A few seconds later she woke up.
Jean: “where am I?,what is this place?
Why is this happening to me?”
    Jean stood up and looked around. She didn't know where she was. She finally realized that this place looks just like her dream place.

Jean: “wait a minute! This looks just like my dream place that I wish was real But how can it be? How am I here? It's so beautiful here just like my dream.

Jean started walking around and looked around at everything. She saw medium sized mushrooms that sounded like drums when you hit them. She also saw beautiful rainbow butterflies. There also was dancing fairies. Jean continued walking after seeing such beautiful living things.
Jean: “What a beautiful place, with beautiful creatures and plants. The sky is so pink and orange. Oh, I love this place it's so beautiful.” The tall green wave tree’s and the tall grass blowing in the wind was so beautiful. Then all of a sudden Jean got this weird feeling that something was watching her.
Jean: “Hello!! Anyone there?”
    No one answered so Jean kept walking and looking at everything, but then she felt it again. This time she heard a sound behind her in the grass. Jean was so scared.
Jean: “Who's there!? Hello? Please don't hurt me.”
    Then all of a student the thing that was following her came out, it was a dragon. Jean was scared.

Jean: “Hello you are so big please don't eat me”
Dragon: “I'm not going to eat you. My name is isiah.”        Jean and the dragon isiah walked together.
While they were having fun playing on the mushroom drums. All of a sudden the sky got black, gray and lightning struck. Jean and Isiah stopped what they were doing and looked at the sky.
Jean: “What's going on?”                                                   

    Isiah looked scared and said we must hide the which is coming!
Jean: “What!”
Isiah: “she is evil and wicked.”
Jean: “What are we going to do.”
Jean and Isiah hid under the mushroom there is a big bad storm coming with tornados. Jean saw the tornados. She started freaking out because she hates tornados they are her worst nightmare. All she knew is that she wanted to go home and to get out of here.
Jean: “Oh no! This can't be happening!. Oh how can I get out of here.”
    But then Jean thought for a minute.
Jean: “Oh I can't leave him here in this chaos.”

Jean sat down and cried while the tornado was far away for now.
Jean: “Oh what am I going to do!? How do I get out of here?”
    Jean cried with tears rolling down her face. While she leans on him. Then one of Jeans tears dropped on him then all of a sudden Jean saw a bright light. Jean didn't know what was happening.
She stood up and backed away.
Jean: “Oh no! What's happening!? Isiah!?”
The light stopped.There was no dragon anymore it was a man laying there on the ground asleep. Jean was freaking out. Then the man was waking up.
Isiah: “mmm. What happen?”
Jean: “Isiah? You turned into a man.”

Man: “Yes I did.”
Jean: “Why did you turn in to a man?”          
Isiah: “Because I was a man before but the evil witch turned me into a dragon and the only way I could turn into a man again is a tear form a sweet, kind, helpful woman.”
Jean: “oh but why did she do that”
Isiah: “because she is evil, she knows your here. So we must run and hide from her.”
Witch: Hehehe! I have found you. You will die for turning him back to a man.
Jean: “Oh no!”
Isiah: “Run Jean run!”
    Jean and Isiah ran together away from the witch,try to run and hide from her running for their life. Jean and Isiah ran and ran until they found a house deep in the forest. They rested for a while sitting there trying to catch their breath. But then the witch found them.   

Witch: “I have found you again. You can't hide from me!”

Jean: “Oh no! What are we going to do?”
    The witch zapped at Jean trying to kill her but Isiah pulled her out of the way. But then Jean thought.
Jean: “If this is my dream world and my nightmares I can make anything happen in this world.”
Isiah: “Right! So what are you going to do?”
    Jean closed her eyes and dreamed of away to get rid of the witch.
Jean: “I got an ideal! I dreamed that you were gone, I am no longer scared of you.”

Which: “Noooooo you can't do this to me!”

The witch poofed gone and everything went back to normal. It was sunny and beautiful again. Jean was so happy that she jumped in to Isiah arms.

Jean: “yea! i did it.”

then they stopped cheering and looked into each other's eyes and fell in love.
Isiah: “I like you.”

Jean: “I like you too.”

But Jean had to go back home and they both knew that.     They said goodbye to each other hoping they will see each other again. Little did Jean knew she started to disappear to go back home. But she also didn't know he was coming with her until she ended up back in her room.She finally was home.

Isiah: “Hello again.”

Jean was startled when she heard a voice, she turn around and saw Isiah. She got so excited and jumped into his arms again.

Jean: “How are u here?”

Isiah: “I don't know but it's a miracle.”
Jean: “I’m just so glad you're here.”
Jean and isiah were so happy they were together
because they love each other. They lived happy ever after. They got good jobs and bought a beautiful house and had a kid.


                                 The End.



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