Trapped Inside~PT.1 Read Count : 2

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Sub Category : Fan-fiction

My names Park Y/N and I have a brother named Park Jimin. We used to be happy until my friend summoned something to him..I didn't know and didn't know about it, hes now ignoring me. At first I didn't know why he was ignoring me. Until..I finally knew what my friend did so I went to his house. Y/N: JACKSON WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO JIMIN?! Jackson: Y-Y/n..I did nothing..I-I I didn't do anything! Y/N: LIER! -slaps him- I went out of his house and when I opened the door I saw shadows..29 of them were scattered around the house EVERYWHERE in every direction I could look at. I quickly went upstairs to his house and saw one of right infront of Jimin!! Y/N: JIMIN!! He looked at me but....

           -TO BE CONTINUED....


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