Who Is In The Reflection Read Count : 8

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy

    In this particular story, it tells of a young farmer he bought a mirror for his beloved wife. He's spent most of the profit he made one year, to buy his wife a gift for their anniversary. This gift was a polished mirror from a traveling merchant. At first she was pleased with the mirror, but then he noticed after a few months that she stopped looking at it. He finally approached her about the mirror, and asked why she stop looking at it.

   She told him, she noticed that she was growing old and started to appear ugly in the mirror. He told her, she hadn't aged at all and she was still the beautiful woman he married. She looked in the mirror, and was pleased with her reflection again. When he turned away, she took another look and saw what looked like an old maid. She told her husband of this, and he became aggravated about it. He stormed out of the house, in a fit of rage. When he returned, he noticed she was crying by the mirror looking into it. He decided to sneak in and take a look, he saw a reflection which looked much like his wife, except much older. He approached the mirror, and the reflection quickly changed.

   He took the mirror into town, and tried trading it off but no one would take the mirror as the reflection kept making people uncomfortable. Disappointed while he was returning home, he took a look in the mirror and saw his reflection was laughing. He met a traveling man, and showed him the mirror. The man laughed, and told him that he was just a sprite causing him mischief. He asked the creature to show his real reflection and the creature did. The farmer decided to keep the mirror, and whenever he took it back to his wife and put it back up, he asked her to stand in front of it. The spread of immediately showed her an image of an ugly vision of her, but he asked the sprite to show her real reflection. The sprite, did as he was asked. Was this mysterious creature real doppelganger? Nobody really knows.


  • Jan 19, 2019

  • interesting

    Jan 19, 2019

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