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You have 1 minute to live, what would think about. A question many would question what they would think or what they would do. Well unfortunately this question would have to be answer for Bella Clay. Bell short for Bella is a 22 year old college student, who somehow gets a text message saying she has 3 minutes to live. Of course nobody gonna believe a text from a person. But into a minute Bell gets sick. The kinda sick that a person who is dying sick.

So what does Bell do, she sets a timer 1 minute, the first thing she does is run to the room where her children and boyfriend is she tells them how  much she loves them and that she will be in their memories. Her boyfriend asks what is happening. She doesn't tell them..

30 seconds Bell, she quickly grabs her phone and starts typing to her family and friends as fast as she can. 15 seconds,she goes back into the room with her children and boyfriend. 10 seconds, she starts thinking about her life, her body is sickly. 5, she kisses her kids on the cheeks.4, she kisses her boyfriend. 3, her body is slowly starting to become unmovable. 2, she starts to say goodbye. 1, goodbye Bella Clay.

Her pulse stops as if someone put a timer on her life. Her kids start to cry as they try to wake her up. Yelling "Wake up Mommy" over and over again. Her boyfriend calls 911. When the police get there, Bella has been dead for 20 minutes. Her kids are only 4 years old.

A month later, nobody knows how she dies. She was perfectly healthy.Her kids grew up without a mother. Her boyfriend didn't date until the day he died. He was going to purpose to her the after her death, where they had their first kiss.

Till this day nobody knows what happened to Bella Clay.

       But I do.....



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