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   Comes times in our lives when we realize the Illusions we create for ourselves. The people we idolize while we are young. There comes a time, when we have to face the truth that no matter who we are the wise those people are not perfect. They make mistakes, they've made mistakes, and will make mistakes in the future. Nobody is perfect, and the only way we can reach her own perfection is by not mimicking someone else. We have to be ourselves, the person deep inside us which is waiting to be freed. Having admiration for an actor or sport star is alright, but when we idolize them we forget that they can do wrong. We forget they are human, and if they accept that way of thinking, they become so wrapped up in themselves that they forget they are human.


  • Jan 18, 2019

  • Very true. Being ourselves is the most beautiful thing we can do not only for our own selves but for others around us.

    Jan 18, 2019

  • Jan 18, 2019

  • Jan 19, 2019

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