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I sit here and sigh in the dark, my body enveloped by a darkness similar the to the one in my heart. As I sit in the dark a hunger emetges, a hunger that no matter much I eat never leaves, yet when I saw a little girl bleed it did go leave for a second leaving me confused at first, but after some trail and error I figured it out, this hunger was not the need for food, it was the crippling need to see the flowing fuel of life running down the arms and dripping off the fingers of the people I had freed from the torture of life. I am s being nor dead, nor alive but there once was a time I was like you, alive, happy...but one day it changed, I met a girl who lived everything about life, I loved her but eventually realised something was off, my fears confirmed by a sight of my family laying dead, her above them blade in hand, with a dark sinister smile on her face, I demanded answers and was told by her that she was the embodiment of life and that she had fallen in love with me. I ran from that place never looking back but no matter where I when she was there, I hated it! So I thought, why don't I just end this game if cat and mouse by throwing my self to a different cat, I looked up towards the tops of the many buildings and choose one, once choosen I'd get to the roof of the building and once I did she was there to stop me, as she put it I was hers and asong as she existed I would remain the lover of life, I how ever wasn't to interested in such a relationship, I ran to the edge of the building, closed my eyes and jumped, I felt my body hit the ground yet when I opened my eyes I was on the street but everything was weird, half the city was normal the other half was decayed and destroyed, another girl appeared with the opposite look of life telling me exactly who she was, she held out her hand but as I took it life grabbed my hand and tried to pull me away, life clung to me while death held on making sure it wouldn't take me. Funny enough both in a way got what they wanted, I died but remained alive, able to live in both the world of the living and the dead, an immortal forever trying to die yet was being clung to by life itself. As years passed she got worse and worse until one day I managed to slip away to the world of the dead only to see I had nearly fallen for a similar trap. I quickly left that world and ran all through like Fe and death from them and even now 1200 years later they remain just as clingy, I am S and I am the first immortal.


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