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It seem to me only natural, if not necessary, to be fascinated by anthropology. To yearn for knowledge of ourselves, of our being.  Not only piecing together relics and fossilsnand bones from the past but to use the knowledge we aquire upon piecing together the artifacts that paint the vivid picture of years gone by to project into our minds an acceptable vision of our future.  

Truthfully, how can we begin to pretend to comprehend anything about the world around us without first completely understanding what we are? We have stumbled through the last several hundred thousand years relying solely upon the kindness of others and our opposeable thumbs.  It is generally accepted that we emerged as the dominant species because of our cunning and intellect and our ability to collaborate for a greater good. The truth is we have spent millennia taking credit for some fairly fantastic coincidences and an apparent lack of desire on the part of any serious predetor to relocate from Africa and join us as we spread like a heat rash across the more forgiving areas of land.  Save for the price of fuel and the incessant threat of a Spice Girls reunion we maintain a relatively carefree life style in the western hemisphere.  But the last three hundred years would have been an entirely different.ball game had lions and hyenas followed us here.

To be continued


  • Jan 19, 2019

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