Alexa Childhood Read Count : 16

Category : Stories

Sub Category : YoungAdult

One time their was a new baby born girl named Alexa.Her parents did not have much money so they worked hard to get more money.They both worked hard to make money for Alexa.The money the parents made by working was for Alexa's food and for when she grows up.Then 2 years passed,in the 2 years she learned how to walk and the parents were happy she knew how to walk.In 8 more years she was 10 and when she was 10 she went to school but after school she went to work.

Alexa had to work for her family so she worked at a flower shop and she worked as a farmer.Each hour she earned 10 dollars.She went to school Each day but some kids laughed at her and bullied her. Alexa was also working hard to become a nurse at China she also wanted to be an artist but she choose to become a nurse.Even if they bullied her and laughed at her they did not stop her from achiving her dreams.


  • Jan 18, 2019

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