Trapped In Darkness Read Count : 16

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

The room was dark. That's the only way he could describe the place was being held in. The air was warm and muaky, making it difficult for the teen to breathe and the puddle of water he had been attempting to avoid continued to inch its way closer. 

He could only assume there must have been a pipe or something due to the metallic creaking rinnging off to the side. A low buzzing sounded somewhere far off, however as time drew on he found it became nothing more than background noise to him. 

Even though the walls couldn't be seen, he knew exactly where they were, and to him it felt as though the were constantly closing in. The feeling alone was enough to make his heart race with anxiety.pulling his legs to his chest he wrapped his arms around them for what little comfort he could bring himself.

He tried to ignore the throbbing from his right eye but the pain only increased and he knew by the feeling it had to be swollen shut.

"I'm sorry." His voice came out weak and horse, barely above that of a whisper. He moved his hands up to his head- grabbing fists full of damp hair as he repeated the statement over and over. A sharp pain his fingers caused the scalp made him yank his hands away and held them in front of himself.

Light wasn't needed for him to be able to tell his hands were no longer that of a human. The thought along was enough to make him clench his fists with disgust and rage.

Before long he felt a familiar feeling build up in his palms as a warm, sticky liquid formed above the surface. He could feel the blood rundown his fur covered arm and subtlety drib from the non hair covered elbow. 

Rage bubbled, no longer able to be suppressed, as he yelled out, striking out at what he thought was nothing, quickly realizing it was a bad idea when his fist connected with cold hard stone and the metal band around his wrist tightened from the friction. 

The low buzzing suddenly seemed to intensify  along with his frustration. He leaned back into the wall in defeat,

"They were right," he sighed out," I deserve this."

Without warning a young boy with burning red hair and a wide toothy grin flooded his mind. A familiar voice rang in his ears, 

"You're you, and that's what makes you special. No matter what, you are still Aaron."

The thought alone was enough to make him choke out a sob that he tried to suppress with a palm. He notied that him hand was back to normal as he felt nothing by skin.

"Such an idiot." Aaron huffed at the memory, and for the first time since being drug down into this hell hole allowed himself to smile- even if it was fleeting. 


Aaron fliched at the sudden noise, having only hear the steady buzzing and water drops for hours. 

Soon after another crash sounded followed by a strong vibrations and  explosion. 

Sniffing, Aaron picked up a familiar and welcomed smell.

 "Zac..." He mumbled under his breath, as he allowed himself to stand. His legs buckled but he forced himself to stay up despite the cold, metal chains rubbing sorely against the raw skin of his ankles. His body flared up with pain but he ignored it as he inched forward. 

He continued forward ever so slowly until he felt the chains tighten, a clear indication he was going no further.With all the energy he could muster Aaron let out a soul piercing cry for help, his voice raspy and pain filled from the strain of his already fading vocal cords. 

"Guys! I found him!" It was unmistakable, Aaron sighed in relief, it was him! The door begun to rattle as the saviours attempted to force it open. Moments passed as Zac's voice sounded from the other side, confirming to Aaron that they would get him out.Aarons heart fluttered, welcoming a sight he believed he would never get to see again. 

Light slowly began to flood the room as the door creaked open. There on the other side stood the three people he trusted most."Time to bring you home." Zac informed.


  • pretty good

    Jan 18, 2019

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