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Ok well imma make this with the user Rafty the Seawing 

Turtle's view

One day when I was walking across the beach I came across my sister Tsunami and she had a dragonet of atleast 8 years with her, she was 16 at the time, I asked her who she was and she said "this is my son, why dont you introduce yourself."

Rafty's view

"O oh me? Um w w well im Rafty.. heheh.." i said.

Im guessing this is my uncle since mom called him brother earlier.. im not sure what to say im just so nervous and i miss Sandray... i wanna go home and see my friends again well not like sea kingdom home.. like my friends and my home.

Turtle's view

I looked my nephew straight in the eye. Should I tell him that I'm an animus or should I not? UUUGGGHHH such a freaking dilemma.

"U uhm nephew well I'm an Animus and my name is Turtle." I say.

Rafty's view

My uncle is an animus too?

"W well that is funny... because i am one too." I say

I nervously fiddle with my talons and look to the side. I badly wanna make a spell and show my uncle something cool... especially since my soul is protected, but i resist the urge to.

Turtle's view

Well gosh, for one thing I didnt think that I would have a nephew who would be an animus. Especially if he were the son of Tsunami. I look at my sister like I was expecting a response but she just shrugged her shoulders.

"Tsunami did you know about him being an animus?" I ask

"Of course I did you goof." She replied.

Rafty's view

I kind of liked the surprised look on uncle Turtle's face. It calmed me down a little and well now i feel less nervous. Well i got plenty of time before i have to head home to my friends anyways. So maybe i could do something with uncle Turtle. I look at him

"Uncle Turtle?" I say

Turtle's view

I just stand there dumbfounded for a while.

"Turtle? Turtle?" Tsunami says to me.

I shake my head and return to the real world.

"What is it Tsunami?" I ask.

"My son wants you." She says.

I look at my nephew who is looking up at me with his gleaming eyes.

"Yeah Rafty? What is it?" I ask

Rafty's view

I smile and nervously fiddle with my talons. What should i do with my uncle? What fun things can i do with him? What does he like to do?

"Um... i uh wanted to do something w with you." I say.

I shift my talons

Kinkajou's view

Huh? Who is that dragonet that Turtle is with? Maybe I should check it out.. I'll go over to Turtle and ask him. Yeah I'll do just that

Rafty's view

Who is this rainwing coming our way.. and why does it look like uncle Turtle knows her? Maybe i should ask him..

"Um uncle Turtle? Who is she?" I ask

Kinkajou's view

Uncle Turtle? Did the dragonet just call him uncle Turtle?

"This is my wife Kinkajou." Turtle says.

The seawing dragonet started at me with starry eyes

Turtle's view

I look at Kinkajou smiling

"This is my nephew Rafty." I say

She smiles at me. It seems like she likes him which is good, I wanted him to meet her anyways.

"Nice to meetcha Rafty" Kinkajou said.

Rafty's view

I look up at auntie Kinkajou. She was kind of pretty, no wonder uncle Turtle is married to her...

"Nice to meetcha as well." I say.

I shake her paw.


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