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As we travel through this path of life
We encounter a potpourri of issues 
Resulting in depression disappointment 
Joy/the entire spectrum of emotions
Often the negatives become dominant 
And can flood our outlook on life 
It is then we ask “Why Me?” Feeling 
Victimized- reducing our ego -believing 
That this is my legacy
We focus on this overwhelming condition
And it can consume us
The other side of the coin-“Why NOT me?”
 Is  also present in our DNA
If we can change focus to zero in on our 
Positives minimal as they may seem 
And feel an entitlement for happiness- success mixed with various negatives
That have been or may be encountered 
“I deserve better” can become our theme
And our goal
Of course it may be difficult but present 
Conditions are no bargain either
Look into your heart and mind
And fight like hell -We all deserve it
        WHY NOT ME


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  • Jan 17, 2019

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