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     I don't handle stress well. I don't get stressed as often as most, but when I get stressed it hits me like a truck. Fear being my greatest enemy, it accumulates in stress. I can't think and I feel as if it's work first breath later and it drives me insane. Like the truck of stress previously mentioned. Finals start tomorrow, with biology and Spanish class, would be three but PE doesn't have finals so I'm good for two hours. I'm a little worried about biology, but it's not that bad. However, Spanish is another thing, teacher says not to worry, we'll do a 10 minute writing in Spanish, then there is multiple choice questions, then there's comprehension check where you translate and answer questions. I'm nervous for the last bit, because I don't know what to study for!

      The rest of the finals are easy it's just those two are the only ones I have a probability of failing at. Failure stresses me out. This whole semester was, if I mess up there'll be a comeback to make, but this has no comeback if I fail and that scares me. One chance stresses me out. I have no problem with things like death doesn't scare me because no one else has a clue so I'm average but with this test there are people ready for this who aren't stressed out. Being below average stresses me out.

     Thank you for reading, really needed to vent. I'll let you know how I do. Sorry if even after this I still seem a little stressed.


  • Brennan Hunt

    Brennan Hunt

    good luck!

    Jan 17, 2019

  • all you can do is try your best and gkbe it your all and if you do fall at least you know that you tried as hard as you could

    Jan 20, 2019

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