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I was wondering what is the difference between this 2 things. Same words and alphabet but put in different sides and what I see, one seems like asking and another thing answers it.

I saw the world in my dream it looked like a garbage planet. I saw people dying all around and some asking me to help. Suddenly I awoke and realized IT'S A DREAM and stayed calm. 

I went out and saw the world seemed normal and I laughed about my dream but I don't know why somewhere I saw a black smoke. I went near that place and found people were crying, I felt strange then when I saw where I was I couldn't believe I was in a graveyard. 

I came out and sat in a stadium all alone and started thinking what is happening with me? I realized someone touching my arms and found no one. I thought this must be the work of that dead person's spirit but later on calmed myself by assuming it to be a nothing but as hallucination.

The main thing I failed in recognizing is that all this things are happening because of the dream I saw. Dreams sometimes makes us confused. I am confident but unable to say what is this.

I feared about my long list of desires I have in my life. Still now I haven't seen even a single dream of mine getting realised, because all my dreams are quite expensive and I believe leaving ALMIGHTY GOD there is no one who can afford it. So expensive are my desires. 

Now as a reader everyone might be wondering, what dreams would this guy have and how can he say so? If we throw money is there any desire that can't be fulfilled.

I feel MONEY HAS THAT POWER But just because we have more money can we extend our death? Can we bribe the GOD for offering us an disease free eternal life? Finally using money can we make the entire world sin free.

Now like this they are many things in the world that even money fails miserably. Sometimes a wealthy person feels jealous looking at a ordinary persons life. Strange is my condition, instead of thinking about earning money 


Can't help myself I am losing myself and instead of saying I CAN, I normally end up asking CAN I? Nothing has happened to my confidence but as they say FEW DARK SECRETS CANNOT BE SHARED BECAUSE IT COMES WITH A RULES OF ITS OWN AND GOING AGAINST IT MEANS............... DESTRUCTION. 


  • You're like a chihuahua

    Jan 16, 2019

  • Interesting. I like it.

    Jan 17, 2019

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