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                                     Regardlesssof whiich school of thought you subscribe to when considering the origins of our universe or the nature of our creation, by Devine right or scientific folly we have been made to be ignorant of certain truths. There are questions so far beyond our comprehension it only begs an explanation for why we were driven to ask them in the first place. We fascitiously write them off as " the eternal question" and share a laugh at our collective shortcoming but, all joking aside, it speaks volumes about our limitations as a species that we have little to no understanding of our own purpose or place existence.

We have been outfitted with a brain ridiculously complex and a hundred times larger, proportionally, than any other living creature but the inherant ability to access less than a tenth of it's function.  Surely, whether you blame the seemingly incalculable, whack-a-mole distrobution of development by evolution or the.pre.determined will of some omnipresent voyeuer with a penchant for the melodramatic, you have to agree this is a flaw in our design.

A very heavy, cumbersome, densly packed jello- mould of cells that can be shaken, bruised or pierced with minimal affect upon the daily operation of the rest of our mechanisms is balanced in fluid and encased in form-fitted protective shell as far from the perils of the hard ground as our sapiens frames will allow while the two delecate, walnut sized production plants that create and dispense the cocktail that solidifies within the host mother and becomes a new human, the tiny defensless pez-dispensers of all life that begin to ache if you have a negative thought about them, that retreat into your stomach at the suggestion of a drop in temperature are left dangling in a paper-thin sack of skin and tissue procariously stitched to the front of the torso at the approximate height of the heads of nearly every carnivorous predetor on Earth.

Neither by scientific exploration nor Devine inspiration will I ever be able to make sense of this laughably poor construction. As a new invention our bodies do not meet the most minimal requirements of the Canandian Standards Act. If a modern day Frankenstien sewed one of us together and got a patent on our design a team of industry experts would not approve us for production. 

To be continued


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    Vision Lusty

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    Jan 17, 2019

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