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This is more than a spoken word piece,

I'm here to tell you a story of how the old me faded away and to declare to you that this you that you see today might not even be you afterall...

There's a you in you that is waiting for you to hear the truth

So the old you can fade away and you can become the best of you.

See, once upon a time,

There was girl, they told me was me.

Smart but never smart enough,

She was an underdog,

All her friends were pretty but she looked like a boy.

She wasn't worth too much because they didn't have too much money at home.

That girl was me, made to believe a bunch of lies

So that girl was actually not me,

She just a portrait, painted by unlearned men who were looking at the wrong things.

But thank God someone handed me a mirror, the word of God,

And on that day in June 2010 when I saw the real me,

She was about to fade away for good...

When I got introduced to the real me.

The old me faded away.

And today is your day

When the old me faded away,

I didn't have be tomboy anymore,

I was beautiful, and so are you,

Just take the mirror of the word and behold yourself, you look exactly like God.

despite what they might have told you,


That ugly girl is not you, and you are not her...

When I learnt the truth about who i really am

I didn't have to be an poor anymore,

And neither do you,

Your future is too bright, you ought to lay up gold as dust.

That troublesome boy, who's smoking cigarettes and doing drugs and probably drinking his life away for one reason or the other, is not you,

And you are not him.

When the new me came into being,

I didn't have to try too hard to impress no-one no more,

I am intelligent, I'm smart, I'm good enough and so are you.

I don't care what they told you before,

Take the mirror,

Behold yourself,

you've got understanding more than your teachers, the wisdom of God is at work in you.

You are royal and holy,

You're peculiar, embrace your uniqueness.

Just listen to the word,

Let the old you fade away,

You're a success going somewhere to happen,

A bundle of blessings released to your world,

God is proud of you,

But maybe they never told you...

But when I found out the truth

And the old me faded away,

And I knew you deserved to know it too

So Unlike Balaam i made a choice not to be the reason God causes a donkey to speak,

That's why you're here,

Under the sound of my voice hearing me declare to you,

That when they said you were nothing,

They lied to you

I made up my mind not be the one to play hide and seek with God, like Jonah

And that is why I'm here today, telling you,

That that failure they said you were, is not you and you are not her

And like Esther,

I am bold,

I'm ready to place my life on the line for your sake so that you can hear this gospel and know,

That when they said you were worthless, they lied.

You are worth the precious blood of the son of God, He died to purchase your life and that's the highest price...

So give attention to the word of God today,

Allow Him to show you real,

And let the old you fade away


  • Beautifully written. I love it. May God keep using your helping words.

    Jan 16, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Beautiful writing

    Jan 16, 2019

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