Stages Of Chaos (Part One) Read Count : 5

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Jax stared at the sky with a blank look. His tears long since dried up. A single sigh escaped his lips. It burst into the cold air in a small cloud, disappearing in an instant.

The 16 year old boy tore his gaze from the sky, forcing himself to look at the gruesome scene before him. The color red flooded his vision. The forms of former allies spread across the floor, cold and lifeless. He sat down next to the body of his beloved sister. Cradling her head in his arms, he hummed a tune he hadn't thought of since he was a child. The lyrics sounded silently through his head.

Come now and sing with me

A song of death

Silent and peace-giving

The final rest

And in this life of sin

At last rejoice

For beautiful and pure

Death has no voice

The rich and poorly lived

The young and old

Death comes to one and all

A fair result

Try as he might, Jax could not remember from where he had heard it. No, he hadn't heard it at all. It was a soundless message. Flowing through his head now as it had years ago.

A foreign sound violated his private mourning. The sound of a person's foot as it tread upon the earth. One step, two steps, three steps, then silence. Then again, one step, two steps, three steps. Once more, silence.

Jax ignored the intruder, still humming the wordless tune only he knew. He wasn't ready yet, to face reality. The future, responsibility, it was all so frightening. Better to just sit here and rot away.

Once again, his thoughts were interrupted. A male's voice made its way to Jax's ears. "Are you happy now?" It asked. "You're wish finally came true. It's your fault you know. All of this destruction. I warned you too, but no. So willing were you to sacrifice your happiness for the sake of revenge. Little did you know that, in the end, the one you would want to have revenge upon would be yourself. How does it feel? Knowing that you've killed your friends and family?"

Jax gently placed his sister's head back on the floor. He stood up slowly and made his way over to the person who had spoken. He mumbled unelligibly. 

"What?" The figure asked.

Jax now stood in front of the figure clocked in black. He stood a good four inches taller than the other. 

"I said, how about you? How does it feel to know that I killed your twin and best friend?"

Jax pulled down the hood of the cloak, revealing the small face of a 14 year old boy. His pale face was tear streaked and muddy. He smiled sadly. "I don't know."

For a while, the two stood in silence. A light drizzle started, the rain covering them in glistening droplets. Further enhancing the crimson red on the older boy's clothing.

"Well then, Kai," Jax said with a small smile as he drew a sword from his side, "Shall we continue? After all, we still have a job to finish. And don't you dare go easy on me, you hear?"

Kai followed his example, smiling wryly. He let his cloak drop to the floor, revealing a pair of long daggers. "But of course. After all, this duel will finally settle who will have to continue on and who will join the others in their eternal rest. It would be unfair of me to not give you your chance..."


  • Jan 16, 2019

  • Jan 16, 2019

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