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Dream like never dreamed before.*

Kiss with your heart.*

Huge with passion.*

Look directly into his or her eyes to discover the Hideen paradise she or he secretly hide behind their eyes*

Think with the brain and kiss with your heart.*

Love her or him like you love your self!

Product of your effort in a relation is the result of what you are planting in her or his heart.*

Open your arms and recive his or her heart and protec like a treauser.*

Love someone, is just the oportunity to exchange blessing come from your heart.*

Never desapear with the life for the lesson as a result of any relation, because is part of you transiciĆ³n of this life, enjoy the good things  and learn from the ones is no to good.

Everyone in this world has to be loved.*

If you has someone besaide you tells i love you! Thats all you need to say. 


  • Jan 16, 2019

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