Act 3, Scene 4- Don't Let It End Read Count : 5

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   As Kilroy enters the room, he notices Angry Young Man, Cayden Lee, is on the floor unconscious. Renegade, is laughing insanely on the far side.

Renegade: "So we finally meet face to face

Mr. Roboto. Tell me how do you think this is going to end?"

Kilroy: "Runs to Cayden's side and kneels by him to check his pulse. Still alive!?"

Cayden: "Kilroy, get that son of a bitch and take him down."

(Lorelei enters and gasps.)

Kilroy: "This chase ends today Renegade, I won't let you destroy this city." 

(Starts walking towards him)

Mr. Renegade: "That's the wrong answer I was looking for." (Pulls out a pistol from his side and starts shooting.)

Lorelei and Angry Young Man: "Kilroy look out!"

Mr. Renegade: "Damn, it's bouncing off of him. There's other ways to destroy you! I'll kill your girlfriend instead!" (Points at Lorelei and pulls the trigger.)

Cayden Lee: "No......I can't move my legs." (Crawls toward her.)

Kilroy turns and runs towards Lorelei. He stops and kneels down by her side.

Kilroy: Lorelei, we need to get you help right away.

Lorelei: Kilroy, I'm sorry I should have stayed outside like you asked me to. (Puts her hand on his face.) I couldn't let him hurt you though, I love you too much for that.

(Kilroy sings "Don't Let It End" to Lorelei.)

Lorelei: "No, matter what it takes Kilroy. You stop him before he hurts anyone else. I know you can." (Passes out)

Cayden Lee: "I'll kill him for this!" (Gets up)

Kilroy: "No, you look after her and I'll deal with Renegade."

(Goes after him and the curtains close.)


  • Jan 15, 2019

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