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Hyper masculinity is not a son watching a father give his mother a love pat on the ass, but it is the toxic mentality behind that action, within society. Its repeatedly ignoring another persons feelings or commands for your own gratification, whether that be for sexual or comical purposes. It is the easy acceptance and spreading of the type of behavior. It is the "pack" mentality that is toxic, where because the alpha does and says this behavior is acceptable and "rewarding", the rest of the pack, "should try it", or even obey the commands of the pack leader to follow through with such actions. Masculinity is not a bad thing, just as feminism is not evil, but hyper of either can be toxic and cause both personalities to rebel against or oppose eachother, instead of work together to find an understanding. Many times men and women will base their opinions on their emotions about the subject rather than their experience with the subject. Hyper masculinity is not a group of guys calling a girl hot and encouraging their friend to "take his shot", but it is the mentality behind it, saying that if this guys doesnt do it hes "a pussy that cant get laid" or that if he does do it, sex is the one and only goal. And if unsuccessful in "making that shot" or having sex, he will be embarrassed and harrassed by the rest of the pack. It is the idea that because more testosterone is present they are the leader or the rule makers of what is and isnt socially acceptable. It isn't about teaching people not to look, but it is about teaching people to be respectful,have self control and not stare down that persons vneck when they bend over. Its not about privatizing the body or shaming the body, but it is about respecting the mind within the body. The fact that using the phrase "hyper masculinity" is a problem, tells me that society has issues excepting their faults. Denying hypermasculinity exsist, is like me saying there isnt some feminist out there that wants to chop a dudes balls off just because. Part of changing is accepting that the wrong behavior exsist and then actively choosing to not repeat or pass on such behaviors.  Your amount of facial hair does not dictate your masculinity, but the actions behind that beard does. My first reactions was to say "guys are just getting their fee fees hurt" (feeding the hypermasculinity) , but i think the denial behind its existence is much deeper, than hurt feelings.  


  • Jan 15, 2019

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