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You don't need to have autisim to have mental health issues. I mental health problems, I'm not autistic. I'm not hating on people with autisim or down syndrome; or anything related to that.

I suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. I tried to end my life before. I hate it, hate the fact that I'm suffering. I'm not seeking attention, I don't want pity for me. Screw that. I'm just saying. I've been bullied through elementary: Suicidal since 3rd grade, depressed since 6th grade. I'm in high school and nothing changed since then.

Depression can't be cured. That's what I believe. It can be contained but never cured. You can lock it up until your dead, but it can still linger around. A word can be the key to the door keeping inside. Once that's out, its hard to lock it back up again.

I can't stand it anymore. I promise so many people I'd stay alive. Its hard, it really is hard.

I want to kill myself sometimes. I'm tired of hiding it, not talking about it. Out of nowhere my chest starts hurting. During school I always have mental breakdowns. For real I hate it. Staying up til 3am and knowing you have to wake up in 3hours so you can get ready and go to hell which is school. Going to hell which is school, a place where you supposedly feel safe; I don't. Far from it. A place of learning which is now a battle field. A playground for fights, drugs, gaping and smoking. One Juul pen contains 20 cigerattes worth of nicotine.

School destroys kids mental health. Teachers say there always there for you, if you have a question you can ask them. Like screw that. I asked a question, you make me look and sound stupid in front of the whole class. A letter determines your future, it doesn't make any sense. Now a day, students don't learn anything they just learn to pass and forget it the next quarter. Teachers don't take the time and teach the kids the lessons. They teach it and move on. Kids struggle everyday to learn. Since everyone listens to mumble shit and do stupid shit kids in high school don't graduate. The rate of graduation is slim now. But are we supposed to do, nothing I'm guessing. Everything is fucked and people know it, they just don't want to admit it.

Mumble jumbo, no words are complete to compete against the old style rap but still get millions. Mumble rap is trash. They don't even make sense, yet everyone is listening to them. Lil Xan was sent to the hospital because he ate bags of hot chettos. Tekashi 69 is in jail for assaults and people still listen to him and wishes he let out. I know old school isn't all good either but at least it doesn't make kids sound stupid. Mumble rap doesn't use words, just noise and sound, no meaning behind it at all. Old school rap have meaning purpose, they make you feel connected to them and the world you live in. Old school rap is way better than new rap.

I have a mental illness, what I talked about are my reason of it. Again not trying to get attention, I'm just stating what needs to be stated.

School is destroying your mental health. Drugs are destroying your brain cells which is ruining your mental health. Soany things are destroying our mental health no one says anything. I don't know how to feel it say about that to be honest.


  • Keep going kiddo. Keep writing. I know things are harder for kids now a days. Keep your head up and don't give up. Things will get better. I really liked your article. Especially the part about the rapper going to the hospital for eating too many hot cheetos. Those chips are no joke. Lol. Take care.

    Jan 15, 2019

  • Jan 15, 2019

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