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Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy

There once was a beautiful and kind mermaid. Everybody loved the mermaid, but never got close to them. In the human world it was against the law to fall in love with a mermaid. It had been that way for centuries and no one wanted to change it.

One day this mermaid sat on their rock feeling quite lonely. There was nothing do to and even if there was, the mermaid was not motivated to do anything. Then a human walked by catching sight of the creature. The human knew there was something special about them. Soon the human started talking and hanging out with mermaid. Eventually they fell in love.

Of course the human government found out and demanded they stop this heinous crime immediately. They did not listen. The government eventually struck down the mermaid. In their last moments, they kissed the human's hand as an act of love. With this act, came forth a rainbow of color showering the whole world in love. Humans began to fall in love with mermaids. Alas the mermaid had passed on before they could see their beautiful work. Now the human was truly alone. The human was filled with such rage and hate that they too brought upon this world their hate. 

Those who did not fall in love grew to hate what they could not have. This started a neverending war. It still goes on to this day. Maybe one day the war will end with love as the victor


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    Jan 15, 2019

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