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I know I normally write poems but I have decided to write this to those who are willing to read it. I don't know if I should keep writing anymore because I feel like I have too much on my plate. I don't know whether or not what I produce is even good enough because I don't read it, I just write what's in my head. Do you think I should continue? Because although I like doing this, I have simply been worn down. I don't know what to do so I decided to ask you what you think of my writings and whether or not I should keep writing. Please let me know. Thanks


  • Keep writing, especially when you feel inspired. Whenever you get the chance to write, then write. Doesn't matter if it's good or not. Just write. Hope this helps.

    Jan 15, 2019

  • Hi Mollie, I understand how it feels to have the passion for something and at the same time having too much going on in your life to deal with. It can be overwhelming to try to juggle everything at once. I've been reading your writings and i personally feel that you shouldn't stop writing because you're good at it. I, too have a full plate but i have learned to pace myself. What you can do is you can jot down your notes and do a rough draft at any free time you can find in the day andthen just before you retire for the night, fine tune your draft and then publish it in here. That's what i've been doing myself and i find that this system works for me. I hope this helps in some way. 💜

    Jan 15, 2019

  • Brennan Hunt

    Brennan Hunt

    never put "what do you think?" next to "should I keep writing?' there are innumerable answers to the first question but only pne answer to the second and that is *for as long as you are capable of forming sentences, YES.

    Jan 15, 2019

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