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Once he asked me:-

How longer you will wait for me?

I stare in his eyes and smiled,until snd unless you wouldn't  come back.


He said:- what if I'm not come?!

I take a look and read his face, turned around and said 

Life is not stop without you then,not my heart beats though , I keep breathing without you and by passing time I used to start smiling,go outside ,meeting up with new people and telling them how I found my true love..

And when 2-3 years later someday day when I'm just sitting on this bench all alone with your memories. Am sending you blessings for making what I have  become!

He said nothing just looking at me

But his eyes screamed:- 'i love you don't want to live without you but I have to  


And my eyes said to him :-you are free my love! I love you like a Gardner not a florist take care!


  • Wow Very Lovely. keep up the good work.

    Jan 14, 2019

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