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Chapter Seven

It had been hours since she'd been staring up at the ceiling. The night was chilly, she feared that it may actually snow. Of course, she always thought it could be cold enough to snow, Marnie froze in the dead of summer. Either way, she was happy to be warm and toasty under her soft down comforter.

Sleep didn't come for Marnie until the wee hours of the morning. She lay awake the early part of the night trying to figure out what was going on. Not wanting to sound like a paranoid fool, she decided to try and catch Tawny in the act, and then she would have no choice but to confront her.

Marnie slept in that next morning after being up for nearly half the night. It was a cloudy morning, and she was thankful the sun didn't come bursting through her windows, acting like an alarm clock. It was nice to wake up on my own feeling refreshed, Marnie thought.

It was looking like it could storm outside, so she decided to skip her run and stay in and write. With everything going on, she was oddly inspired, and was looking forward to jotting down her ideas.

Showered, and dressed in gray sweatpants and a mauve long sleeved T. Marnie made herself some coffee and shoved a bagel into the toaster. While the coffee brewed, she gave the house a light once over, looking for anything suspicious or out of place. So far so good.

Putting the lid back onto the creamer, she sets it back inside the fridge, exchanging it for the half full tub of cream cheese. She neatly spread the bagel, put everything away and cleaned up.

Her laptop sat on the dining table, as if it was waiting just for her. She sets down her coffee, and the plate with the smothered bagels, on the table. Planted comfortably in front of her laptop, she begins to write. As she’s writing, she sneaks a sip of coffee, then a quick bite of her bagel. 

Suddenly her surroundings disappear and she finds herself lost in the story she's writing. She could almost hear the sounds of his breathing, she kept writing. “He lept toward her, reaching out his hand just in time to pull her back in, back towards…”

Marnie was startled when she was jerked from her concentration hearing a knock on the door. Who could that be this early in the morning, she groaned. Although it wasn't morning, it was two-twenty five. What was left of her coffee and bagel sat on the table completely neglected.

Jumping up quickly, she ran to see who it was. Looking through the peephole, she smiled and happily opened the door.

“Hey there, I heard you were in town, I thought I'd stop by to see how everything was going in the new place. I missed you the last time you were up. Seemed as though you were in and out fairly quick,” the man in her doorway nervously spilled all at once.

Rob was an awkward, but kind man. He was the town realtor up here, and he was also the one who helped Marnie find this place.

“Rob, please, come in. It's so good to see you,” she said reaching out for a hug.

Rob blushed a bit from her hug, then took a look around. “Wow Marnie, you sure know how to decorate. It's very shabby chic” he said, making a nervous little gesture with his hands

He was an average looking man, with an average build. Rob was a good realtor, there was just something about him that made people like him. He was an all around decent and generous man. 

When Marnie would come to town to either look at properties, inspections, or anything house related, he offered up their guest room. Marnie enjoyed Amanda's company, and their girls were such dolls. It was their neighborly ways that really sold her on this town.

“Oh, you're too kind. How's Amanda? And the girls?” she asked sounding sincere.

Rob likes that about Marnie. She was kind to everyone. She was very down to earth, and even though she was beautiful, and successful, it didn't go to her head. “Well, that's one of the reasons I stopped by, Amanda heard from one of her church choir friends that you were back in town.

Marnie stared at him, feeling a bit dumbfounded, “I don't follow?” she asked politely.

“Oh, well, what I meant to say was, Amanda heard from a friend that you were at the Cafe yesterday, and she wanted me to invite you over to have lunch with us tomorrow afternoon?”

Marnie smiled, then thought for a moment trying to remember if she had any plans. When nothing came to mind she said, “That would be lovely, what time shall I stop by?”

“Amanda said lunch would be ready around one-thirty, so around one o'clock would work,”  he said looking down at her, “the girls will be so thrilled to see you again,”

“I look forward to it,” Marnie said then followed Rob to the door, and they said their goodbyes. She waved as he drove away, then went inside to finish what she was working on.

Her eyes were beginning to twitch, a sure sign that she needed a break. Standing up with both arms in the air she let out a big stretch and a yawn. It felt too quiet. She needed a change of scenery. It was four o'clock, too early for dinner, but too late for lunch. So she decided to head down to bar and play some pool.

Of course, she didn't want to head over in sweats, so she put on her favorite pair of blue jeans and a black long sleeve sheer blouse. Putting on a quick coat of mascara and some lip gloss, she was ready.

Marnie was a natural beauty. Her skin was pale, but scattered lightly on the top of her nose were the freckles she hated, but everyone else loved. She actually despised them a lot more when she was younger.

Even though it was a Saturday evening, there wasn't too much going on in town. There seemed to be more cars than usual parked in front of the old movie theater, and maybe one or two cars parked outside the billiards. It was still early, but she had a feeling the town wasn't going to see much more action than this.

Marnie locked the door of her truck, tucking the keys into her purse, and headed towards the door when she heard a familiar voice call out to her.

Feeling a bit apprehensive, she turned to face Tawny, who just pulled in to the spot right next to her. Not wanting to make things awkward, or seem suspicious, she smiled and waited for her to catch up.

Going against her own judgment, she melted watching Tawny walk towards her. Her bleached blonde hair, clean cut on the sides, with enough length on top to slick it back. She didn't wear makeup, it wasn't her style. Wearing jeans and gray sweater, she was sexy, and headed straight for Marnie.

“Hey there,” Tawny said sounding happy, but a little surprised to see her there.

Suddenly, Marnie felt herself feeling like a silly school girl when she sees her crush. She knows she looks foolish, but she does it anyway. Her head tilts sideways, and she gives a cute smile, then says hi, in an octave or two higher than normal.

Dear God, pull it together girl, Marnie says, trying to give herself a pep talk.

“What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same,” Tawny jokes, reaching out and getting the door for Marnie.

She didn't want to like the fact that Tawny was so sweet, but she did. Looking at her now, the memories of the other night came flooding back, sending chills up her spine.

“What are you drinking?” Tawny hollered back at her while she stood at the bar. The music was loud, and very country.

“You know what, I'll get the drinks tonight,” Marnie said taking her seat at the bar next to Tawny. “I'll have a vodka martini, and whatever she wants,” Marnie politely asked, handing him her card, “start a tab please,”

Tawny smiled at Marnie, “I’ll have a beer, whatever’s on tap,” she hollered at the bartender, never taking her eyes off of Marnie.

“How have you been?” Tawny yelled over the music.

Suddenly, she felt bad that she never reached out after the other evening. Tawny was so kind to bring her dinner, and start a fire, the least she could do was to call. However, with all of the strange things going on, she wasn't sure she wanted to get too close to her new friend. “I meant to call you, but I just got lost in writing, a writer's life,” she said shrugging her shoulders as if trying to insinuate that she was flaky because she was a writer. Just stop talking, Marnie thought to herself.

“Don't apologize, it's all good. I should have called as well, I mean, I wanted to call, but, I didn't,” she said looking a little timid.

“Are you telling me that you chickened out?” Marnie teased.

Tawny looked down at her hands that were folded loosely in front of her, resting on the bar.

“I didn't want to be pushy, ya know?” she cocked her head to the side, peeking over at Marnie with one eye. Marnie didn't say anything, in fact, she didn't know what to say. There is no way that Tawny, sweet, well mannered, charming Tawny, could be doing those things back at the cabin. Look at her, she is being sincere, she thought, second guessing everything that has happened.

“You are not being pushy at all,” Marnie  smiled at her, she couldn't stop staring at her lips. She wanted so badly to feel them on her again, she suddenly longed to be touched by her.

“Here are your drinks, ladies,”

Talk about bad timing.

They found themselves getting lost in small talk, the kind of talking you do when you're genuinely getting to know one another. Occasionally bursts of laughter, conversation flowing like a perfect choreographed dance. Tawny hates olives, unless it's on pizza, she has seen every Friday the Thirteenth movie, even the really bad ones. It shows that she's committed to something, Marnie liked that.

The conversation moved to a game of pool. Marnie wasn't very good, so Tawny came up from behind her, just like they do in those cheesy movies. Although, Marney didn't find it cheesy at all. She lapped it all up, and kept coming back for seconds. Each time their hands grazed one another, it was like electricity coursing through her veins. Eventually, the night slipped away from them, and Tawny walked her to her car.

The air was damp and cold, the trails of their breath lingered behind them as their feet crunched on the wet pavement. Cold, but invigorating, she was enjoying the fresh air, when Tawny pushed her back up against the car. With her hands on Marnie's waist, she pulled her closer, kissing her hard as if nothing else existed. She could taste the beer on her breath as their tongues found their way to each other.

They were warm, bodies entwined together, Marnie could feel her heart beating through her chest, breathlessly, she spit out..”let's go back to my place,”

Reluctantly pulling away, they got into their cars, Tawny followed Marnie home. Still filled with that same passion they rushed up to the door, Marnie fumbled with the keys to open it as they rushed up the front steps.

Stopped dead in her tracks, Marnie froze. Tawny still behind her, peeked around trying to see why suddenly Marnie pumped the brakes.

“What the hell is that?” Tawny shrieked, feeling a bit taken back.

Marnie stood there, she didn't move, she didn't say word. She couldn't quite articulate that she was relieved. Relieved that it wasn't Tawny doing these things, it's impossible. As soon as that thought left her head, she felt frightened, if it wasn't Tawny, then who could it be.


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