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You ever look in the mirror and say Who the fuck are you? Where is Melissa? I stand just looking at my reflection as if it were broken glass, so I waddle in the pain of my reflection only left with no more tears so I just have to laugh.

What has life presented to you to only be left like a stain. 

That so easily cannot be removed like red lipstick or like dirt on my clothes from being caught in this thing called life! God damn I feel the rain.

Like being homeless no where to go oh God I feel this inner pain.

When I look into the mirror I don't like what I see so fire begin to consume my life so I can stand in the mirror and reflect the fire that didn't kill me a better life I WILL SOMEDAY GAIN.

Reflection of abuse looking back at me did I mention some physcial but alot mental even self inflicted turmoil.

People say your thinking is messed up but if I opened my daily journal of violations the understanding of why I struggle in this identity crisis would be so much better understood of why I push when I want to really give up.

My reflection looking back at me I see my children saying Mom I'm cheering you on.

 So I fight the feeling of a lost identity... I keep fighting cause one day, I say one day my identity won't bring self shame.


  • I really like it. Keep up the great work.

    Jan 12, 2019

  • The font is really small, therefore hard to read, but it's really good.

    Jan 12, 2019

  • I asked my self that question once. It took me a while to know that i am what others think. Just that i have a name, the one only i have. I have one face and its the only one i have until i die. And it must look nice everyday. Now going back a little bit. I am what others think, that mean whatever story i tell about me will make a image of me. So i choose the stories i tell about myself. Because if you tell a story how you manage to deal with a problem, will show how strategic you are. And if you tell a story how you got that job and earning what you deserve, it will tell how good are you with words. .

    Jan 14, 2019

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