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Chapter 1


It was on my fifteen birthday. My life changed forever. But before I tell you that, I need to talk about myself.

I'm Margaret Hope Allison. I'm a girl from a world, unnatural. Most people are normal, some not so. Do you know superman? I do. He is that guy you can look up to every time you feel like your in the depths of despair. A hero that has heart of gold.

I wanted to be like that. But not everyone gets to be like that. Well... not people like me. I committed suicide, but afterwards I didn't die.

I still live, I tried again but I didn't die. So many times...

  1. Shot In The Head
  2. Hang up By The Neck
  3. Jumped Of A Building
  4. Stabbed By A Kitchen Knife
  5. Poison

The list goes on.

Every time I die, I wake up in bed. I turn on the TV and on the news. Someone dies, they same way I die.

I die by getting drowned, I live and some else takes my place. The question is why? Why me? Am I supposed to do something before I finally die? Or is it a cure, and this is some kind of punishment?

What every it is, I don't think it has a limit. Unless your talking the amount of people in the world. I hate my life.

Every Tuesday night, I bring out a small box of playing cards. I would be not home at this time cause my parents not home. No punishment. I would go gambling, and I'm pretty good at playing cards games. I would wear black ponchos and black mask. People called me Black Luck.

I love playing cards, can't really say when it started. But it's the only thing that keeps me sane.

One day after my night at the gambling club. I was grabbed and thrown over someone shoulder. They then took me in a alleyway and threw me into a portal.

I was in some white void. This was more worse than back in my world. I can't die, I'm alone and worst of all I keep my insanity straight anymore. God... why? What did I do to every to every deserve this?

Then I hear crying. I look around, hoping that if someone was here. But didn't see anything, until I saw this glitch in the distance.

I walk towards it, I find a girl glitching like in some old computer game. I hesitate because I didn't know what to do nor say. I took a deep breath a gave the girl a simple tap on her shoulder. She reacted instantly, her face showed expression of surprise with the mixture of shock and confusion.

Then some of her glitches vanished. She stood up, she gently pat my cheek. When first contact she retracted her hand. She slowly done this action repeatedly. Until I took hold of her hand and telling her to stop.

She jumped, and then some her glitches appeared again.

"Y-you can t-talk?" She stuttered while pointing at me.

Already confused I just gave a gently nod. She seemed to be surprised even more, if that even possible. She steps closer to me, she does this so hostility towards me.

Started to be annoying, then got tiring. I sat down on the solid emptiness. I reached down to my pocket and brought out my small box of playing cards. I then turn my gaze to the glitchy girl, I patted the hard emptiness in front of me. Hoping she understands and sit down. So we can play some cards games.

Strange as it sounds, I was okay. Despite that I'm in who knows where. At least I'm not here alone, even though she is a glitch.

She first stared at me then my hand. She slowly walks up and sits down. She stares at my box of playing cards. I brought my cards out and started to shuffle them. The silence got awkward so I choice to speak.

"So... what's your name? My name is Margaret, Margaret Hope Allison." The girl open her mouth but paused before spoke.

"I... don't know? It's been long... so long since anybody asks me. But when others see me, they call me... Glitch." It made perfect sense, to me at least. But did meant by others? Does she mean there was others before me? If so, where are they? Did they manage to their way out?

When I finished shuffling, I place all the cards out. I gave some destructions and then we started playing. But something was off, I won about fifteen times. But now the tables has turn when she started winning. Did she just got the hang with this or was it she seeing through my moves?

Either way, she is winning. Then glitch spoke again.

"Do you want to leave?" She asked with so plainly. I stared at her a bit surprised, she suddenly asked that.

"I would lying if said no. So... yes. I do want to leave." I replied honestly.

She didn't show any expression. But her face lit up a bit when she got a certain card. It was the two of diamonds.

"Do you like that card?" I asked, she then turn her attention towards me. She acted shy at first then nodded her head slowly. I thought for a moment, then an idea came to me. I reached out for the scattered cards, moving them aside. I then find a card I favor. It was the fifth of spades.

"You see this card?" I said, showing it to Glitch. She nodded.

"This is my favorite card, want to know why?" She looked at me confused, probably wondering what am I up to. She nodded again, more in a slow motion.

"The reason I favor this card the most is because of what it symbolize." She titled her head and then asked.

"Symbolize?" I gave a small giggled at her reaction. Then I sighed and pointed at the card in my hand.

"Every card has a meaning, a message if like. The spades for example is the symbol of winter season.

It is considered an epitope of "old age" when people learn wisdom, acceptance, transformation etcetera.

This also symbolizes the element of water.

For the number five, it simply means change. And because of those symbols is why this card is my favorite." I explained, feeling proud of it. Glitch stared at me, her expression I think I made her impress.

"That's true? Then... what does card symbolizes?" Glitch said, holding the card in her hands to my face.

"Well... the diamond has a symbol of fall or autumn.

It represents the 'growing' of human life where a person strives for her/him career.

In short, a diamond is epitope of growth, responsibility, value, security and etcetera, etcetera.

It's also represents the element air.

Now the number on the other hand--" before I could continue Glitch spoke over me.

"Never Alone..." I stare at her for a bit and notice she was crying again.

"Hey Glitch... tell me. What happened here? How did end up alone?" She paused at first, but then she told me everything.

But that story is for the next chapter.





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