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Aydin: No one seems bothered that Elon, a new kid, just saved the entire school.

Emily: Don't stress over it. This isn't his first rodeo, he knows how to fight. He just needs to watch out for Em; now that's a threat. He is mad.

Aydin looked at Emily and stopped. Autumn bumped into her, almost falling down the stairs.

Autumn: Ouch! Aydin! Why the hell you stop on the steps! I could've broken a nail falling down those things!

Aydin: Who's Em?.. Wh- wh-w-why does Elon have to be careful cause of him..

Emily looked back and continue up the stairs to the rooftop.

Emily: Em is my second oldest brother. I'm the youngest. Elon is the third. Em is really powerful. He is Tier 5! Elon fought him once, it was to protect Etile. The fourth oldest.

Autumn: Who is the oldest?

Emily: Ethon. I don't really know much about him. Last time I saw him was when I was 2. He's way more powerful than Em, so if Elon and Ethon fight. Elon would loose badly, no joke.

Autumn: What's with the first letter of your guys first name always being an E?

Aydin: Autumn! That's rude.

Emily: No it's ok. Our mom wanted all her kids first names to start with an E.

Autumn: Alright, that seems reasonable. Anyways, can you continue with Em and Elon please.

Emily: Oh yeah, alright.

Aydin's Mind: Autumn has no manners at all.

The girls sat down on the ground eating. Emily told continued with the story.

Emily: So, who do you want to know first?

Autumn: Elon.

Emily: Alright. Elon is 17 as you gals may know. And he went to Chance Center high before he came here. Anyways, Before attending any type of school, Elon was incredibly weak. Like no joke he was so weak he couldn't lift a 5 pound weight; he couldn't lift anything because everything was usually more than 5 pounds. I know this because Em and my mom would bring this up all the time. I wasn't born at the time. 

Aydin: Wow.

Emily: Yeah. He went to gym everyday to get stronger. He went with our dad too. When he was old enough he went alone, that's when he first used his powers. He watched Em and Ethon spar all the time using their powers. Em went to Tier Academy when he was little and Ethon went to Tier 2 Middle School. Two different schools, both were equally matched at the moment. Elon watched the spar, he wanted to be strong as them, he wanted powers like them. He never gave up on that dream. When he first gained his said power our dad enrolled him into Johnson Bate Tier Elementary. Mom did not approve cause that school was just known for it's strong fighters and dangerous fights and rivalries.

Autumn: Cool!

Aydin: Not cool! I side with your mom Emily, that's stupid!

Emily: I know but this is what our dad said "The only way he can defend himself if he defends. That's why I put him there!" Our mom was furious. They didn't talk for days.

Aydin: How did you get this again?

Emily: Elon, Mom, and Em. Also Dad. Haven't seen my dad much either, he's been busy.

Aydin: Okay, continue please.

Emily: Alright, our mom was furious and they didn't talk for days. To our moms surprise, Elon ranked up and up. He was Tier 2 from elementary to 7th grade. He was the strongest until 7th grade. A kid named Dan was the strongest but since students and teachers were amazed by Elon's powers. So they spared with him, making his defense and attack up, becoming a Tier 3 powerhouse. He stayed the strongest all the way up to now, as far as I know.

Aydin: He is the strongest, everyone here aren't Tier 4. No one hasn't reached that Tier and decades. 

Emily: Really?

Autumn: Yeah.

Emily: Wow.

Autumn: Let's hear about Em now!

Emily: I'll call you later.

Autumn: Alright.

Hours after school ended Emily called Autumn on her phone.

Emily: Hello? Autumn you there?

Autumn: Yes. Are you going to tell me about Em?

Emily: Yeah.

Autumn: Yes!

Emily: Bare with me, I don't know much about him.

Autumn: It's fine by me.

Emily: Alright. So Em? Hmm.. Like I mentioned before Em went to Tier Academy when he was young. He was mad crazy powerful back then and still. Elon has no chance to beat Em because Em goes to a college called Forgotten Tier University. A five star school, hard to get into. Only the smartest and most powerful get into that school. And I'm being honest, Em deserves to be in that school. But also I heard from my mom that Em is coming home for the holidays. I'm not sure when, but he's coming. Em and Elon were always at each others throat, they still are to this day.

Autumn: What do you mean?

Emily: Recently Elon, being a 17 year old boy, pranked called Em over and over again. Em striked back with random explosions on Elon.

Autumn: On..?

Emily: Like literally on him. Em is Tier 5 so he's capable of doing spells. So he placed an explosion spell on Elon so when ever Em felt like it, he could activate the explosives. Luckly Elon kept a shield on at all time. Those two are annoying as heck but family, so I'm stuck with them.

Autumn: Haha, boys. I'm stuck with sisters. 

Emily: Haha. Well, that's all I know about Em, Autumn. If you still want to know more about him, ask Elon or come over someday and talk to my parents. They'd be happy to answer any of your questions about Em.

Autumn: Alright. Thanks Emily, your very sweet. Thank you for taking time and telling me about Em. If you don't mind I'll be telling Aydin and Addilyn about him.

Emily: No I dont mind Autumn. Just make sure Elon doesn't know I told you about Em; he'll be really mad at me.

Autumn: I won't and I'll make sure the others won't tell Elon too, promise.

Emily: Alright, goodnight Autumn, see you at school tomorrow.

Autumn: Goodnight Emily, see you tomorrow.

Morning came. Emily and Elon met up with Aydin, Autumn, and Addilyn and talked before school started. Autumn pulled Emily to the side.

Autumn: Thanks for telling me about Em and Elon.

Emily: No problem.

School started and everyone went to their classes.


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