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  1. Look young but intelligent, jus pep the rhetoric, kind of thought that was evidence, if not then heres the evidence,make it look effortless, I'm really that hot, bumbing the fugees coming weather, real lies being told On Me, real eyes realize though, that snake in the grass hissing, he trying to be Tonto, but I nevermind though, I'm speaking my mind though,u only only live once so, what's done is done, man I'm trying too get it started like the number one, my room uuugh like someone farted, proceed with caution, it's crazy how no one even know the one who try the hardest,. Paint picture with words an artist, true beauties from all my darkness, pardon my thoughts it's just, I had to wait; bench press, I let em play: recess,class in session, you don't really want to test this, knew I was dope in my rapping,recieved a blessing,i m gifting them with my presence, look, let the truth be told i wasnt ready, my heart wasn't all the way in it to scared I wasn't gonna win it, but now I'm here like what's happening, let's make it happen from rapping, we talking more action, im in the booth really snapping, finna start floodi RWng em with music,clear up all the confusion, half of them thought I stopped rapping, but that was just my actions, really think Ima start cappin, the other half never new me, lil twig I'm here , to clear I ain't going to where, either Gon love me or hate me thus year, and all this hate is fear, I ain't shedding a tear, I dont got time for it, I let my mind and the rhythms pour, I was designed to define more, Tom Ford, and thus the stuff I grind for, inlet my mind and my rhythms pour, I was designed to define more, TOM FORD, uh huh.


  • good

    Jan 12, 2019

  • good but some typos but good rap. i was wondering if your 10 or 11 i would like to rap with you hmu wyc thanks bye

    Jan 12, 2019

  • Jan 12, 2019

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