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I didn't know where,

My feet let me there,

A sight to behold,

A moment to hold,

The brook flowed away,

Pebbles unturned lay,

In the belly of the stream,

How the lights made it gleam.

I tore way my eyes,

Took a look at the skies,

As blue as He allowed,

And not a speck of cloud,

I knew I felt serene.

I took the beauty in.

The ache I came in with,

Was leaving as I breathed,

And the calmness within,

Was how I'd always dream.

The fragrance of the nature,

My life kept getting better.

It's the poetry I could see,

The poetry included me,

Poetry I could touch,

It's hold on me was such.

I had lost myself in there,

I loved, I didn't care.

I bet the trees bore stars,

But mirage was what it was.

Canvas of the Lord,

Unexplained by the world.

Colors I'd never see,

Were strewn so casually.

I wondered why his place,

Was hidden without trace,

But I couldn't think long,

I saw a light too strong.

Like a moth was I pulled,

Like the same was I fooled.

'Twas the door to reality.

I was woken from my reverie.

Ah it was a dream.

How true did it seem!

I like to think that it was real,

So calm so surreal.

And when I'll close my eyes tonight,

I'll wake up to new light.


  • Jan 11, 2019

  • Well done

    Jan 11, 2019

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  • Jan 12, 2019

  • Amethyst Ellen

    Amethyst Ellen

    thankyou vry much for your reviews... glad you all liked it

    Jan 12, 2019

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