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What you know,I been around for years. 

Passing hints,clues and best tears. 

I was your best friend. 

You aware,I always be remind you to not give in. 

What type of friend am i? I did not show i care.

I be a  lion with no courage. 

I inspire you less leverage. 

That is not me.

You know I wont leave.

What you know is that I believe your character can lead a grandest moment In our story.

If you help yourself to be risk then only act with your mind and not in your heart. 

Things happen to plethora fall apart. 

I have no control on this calamity. 

I knew,Destiny be far,if we not together.

What you know you never felt hard on mee.

The reasons that counted to you stressinng.

Your dumbfounded assumptions got you tied up in a your lesson.

Vessel of you mess up. 

Like mine intercession of battles,

We are the same team.

Thus you blinded to see a woman struggle help her own blessings. 

It is your misconception.

I can only written In the Notebook 

He missed the whole point again!

What he knows he not fully open.

What he scares to be romantically isnteresting.


  • Jan 12, 2019

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