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[BI]I have many ideas for stories but I never know which ones I should actually write. I’d appreciate if you read through each and decide on the ones you would like to read in the future. 


[B]Title: Story from my grave 

1.  Krista Thunderson a 25 year old aspiring journalist gets the story of a lifetime. An interview with Mason Catcher himself but, what happens when she discovers secrets that could leave her in grave danger. 

[B]Title: Decoy 

2. What would you do if someone told you your life was a decoy? Hannah had a boring simple life and nothing happened. That all changed though when she runs into Lillian Midsummer and Alex Armiadillo. She has people with secrets they don’t wish to reveal the impossible task to make friends seems to make things worse. The situation she is in gets so tough she can’t bear it and betrays her only friend. 

[B]Title: Overshadowed 

3. It was a perfect day and the snow was crush on the ground. The anxious kids were waiting for school to be cancelled, so they could play outside in the winter wonderland. It’s perfect for even kid except Lala Peters who dreads winter. She sits in her living room staring at the snow.her parents have 5 kids and she is the only one who dreads winter. Is there anyone that can solve her mysterious phobia of winter?

[B]Title: Ticket illusion 

4. Kiley and Breanna love going to Carnivals. What are they gonna do when their tickets vanished. There one day gone the next. 

[B]Title: BOPA 

5. With the new girl in town and the mysterious blue van. Can Cameron Volcaz find out what’s being hidden under the towns noses? What secrets can he uncover? 

[B]Title: 至高无上的领导者

The world fell so sudden. People dying left and right. When you one of the last humans to live. Stumble upon a recording from before the worlds peril. Will the information on it help you save the world, or bring you to your end? 

[B]Title: Grimly rescue of Blythe and Jenna Wilson 

Darren Wilson and Blythe Wilson lived a happy life. They had their daughter Jenna, and they’re best friend Ricky. They thought nothing could go wrong in their life, but when Darren’s past life choices come back to haunt him. Can he save his family before time runs out? 

[B]Title: Divorce 

Jacob has been taunted by his parents divorce for years. Making him fearful in picking the wrong girl. After many breakups and 6 years of wasted life. Jacob finally meets a girl he believes is the one. 

[B]Title: King Durango purple Shadows 

When human kind is casted into a treaty with monsters,demons, and spirits, and are being ruled by the king of the underworld. What happens when people start expecting that King Durango might not be who he says he is.

[B]Title: Magnolia 

Wrong decisions made and people left with regretful decisions. Adriano has to fight for his life while deciding between what’s right, and whats wrong. Will he make the wrong decision and risk his life?

[B]Title: Mystery of Malia Anslow 

After a mysterious fire Alec’s wife disappeared without a trace. All he’s left with is splitting headaches and unanswered questions. Will he be able to find his wife, or will his wife find him?

[B]Title: Catarina Marcus the hopeful Writer 

Catarina Marcus has gotten hundreds of rejection letters. She starts to lose hope in her abilities. When all of the sudden everything changes. It all starts with four words. Yes Catarina I will. 


  • They all sound interesting but Decoy caught my attention.

    Jan 12, 2019

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