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"Who am i?"I asked myself wake up as the unadmire girl with no self esteem and carelessly sad.

I asked repeat  "Who I am?"

I looked in the  mirror and saw myself as this girl. 

No polished Hollywood features but I seen my hair rigid as the hair seen on doll.

My skin bites plain,how am I attractive now?"

I got fuller body but no muscle tone.

I remember somebody used to care then but try to change me out.

Highshool, those students love say they everybody friend. 

Ouch!! They leave you out in the trash.

That is why I explain to people,I don't trust just anybody. If you changed me Worsley, I leave out in the dust.

'You be wish you never said, I be your friend."

Frankly flirt and let others embrass me, it do not look as if you care. 

I Am person that you just toss in the bin.

I go hand to hand when child disgust or bored with plastic doll they been frowned.

I am wasted. 

I am that doll.

People seen to think i cheap to be fool.

My spirit is not cool. 

I can be your friend or your project .

Boost up your morale,I cool it with my fake smile.

All will asked me "Am I ok?"

Painfully the heart of thyself is closeoff.

I never told  a soul, how really feel? 

It be too much to unload.

It better if this gal, aloner I am now.

Tired and done being used by some. 

Emotionally I am picked and brought down. 

Scandless,it never changed. 

I asked "Who I am?"

Myself answers your a doll.I am alone.

Lone,pity me.

I gave too much in others belief. 

Look at the facts, I was a single handcrafted waiting to be seen.

I never dream of being dispose of..

All i like is to be surround with love. 

No gimmicks,no fancy display.

Give my homemade art a way.

When there was  a little moment in the light, all the world came crush on me.

Cause there's boy who on the spotlight. 

I happen to believe.

Magic coincidence sparks me to turn the table around.

No,no he was not in it fully to need me.

O God,he empowerment me back to life. 

His voice echoes as my puppeteer. 

I couldn't bare more tears.

I fallen out of despair. 

Look at the dust and the open air.

This world certainly made for wrong people.

I Cannot continue to pass out free help.

I said to my self,"if he come again,I cannot fight you anymore. I Am hurt all over some more. 



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