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Darling your beautiful. 

The old and new you renews me.

Never have I ever chastised your worthiness. 

I paid attention to the wholeness. Leave no word missing from your lips.

Except you missed one, you withhold the whole point. 

I have loved gallon times more than you.

Even though blood shed eyes seen no perfect view, it do not given our lives a great enough reason to be unwise.

Do not even front lies,your no part of Russian spy.

You can run a million miles, I known that your move.

Run, hide behind terrible fears.

You never learn how real man work up a sweat In the arms of love.

I carried memories of what we had in a glove.

Locked in my mind, what could be for us.

Hold breath,unexcited I dream escape of world we touched  .

Never us nor lifetime we discuss this. 

I Am rave out of the vibe.

When we so close but the inevitable break us apart.

I cannot tether this agony on level of electricity shock a body on death row.

It is painful,pulse my heart to,blown.

Smoke, dark sections I picture I be gone.

I Am not the one commit in No show and go home.

Praying to be justified from the sight of things taken not seriously. 

I exhale..

Decide to move on or stay till he comes, it a pro's or cons.

Ultimately the cosmos enter in me.

I Always believe that we content with potential. 

Even so,you held your aggression on high expectations. Best to believe, you cannot hide behind lines at any point of time. 

Somebody broken friend broken daughter going give you a hand. 

Whether you rise up and smell the challenge, you never outbeat yourself prove to be a man.

Man won't run from assistance a beautiful women..

He won't dare  be afriad to learn like a sister whose differently. 

We may all be image of beyond but souls of some are separate.

So are you.

What make you different than all others run into the mountains because you cannot deal.

Huh. The frustration or is it your impatience?

It kills your will to be my mine.

I go straight into vines. 

Known I seen a scarycat and no man here to chase grace.

I Am hurt but the disgrace always been on your face. 


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