Looking Through A Child's Eyes (21-25) Read Count : 6

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A small amount of humor,

 is such a wonderful thing!

It comes as a surprise,

while flying on it's wings.

What simple pleasures and smiles

go untold.

When the child starts by telling small silly jokes!


Sometimes I feel so cold,

I just don't wanna talk so leave me alone.

I need some time,

 without being told what to do.

I'd like to be myself,

but you think it's up to you.

Let me have some peace,

 without chores for a day.

Just please let me have time to play.


The feeling of one person standing by my side,

seems to be enough to help me get by.

A person I can count on in the day.

No matter how hard it is sitting on the hay.

As long as were friends, I know I'll be okay.


I was told once, I would fight, if my friends were thought to die.

 I know they're right.

I would even go far as to tell a bold faced lie.

I sometimes have trouble realizing the truth.

Friendship is like a bird sitting on a twig.

That lie comes back and the twig snaps.

Than both of us end up getting smacked.


I feel something rising up in my gut,

it's not right to act so buff.

Behind this mask I wear,

I know I'm not so tough.

Such a good soul I'd be,

If the right person,

would guide me.


no one


to try.


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