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There are a lot of religions out there. Another term for religion is belief, therefore that is what I'll use.

Beliefs come in many ways and forms-

Christians &  Catholics are very similar, both believing in God.

There's atheists, whom do not partake in a religion and do NOT believe in science nor the God(s).

And there is Greeks and Romans, having their beliefs set upon thinking there are many gods.(Zeus, Jupiter, Poseidon, Neptune,  Hera, Juno, etc.)

Some individuals are crazy aboit what they believe in and criticize others for being a believer in a different religion--

Sayin' people are gonna end out in Hell if they don't believe in Christ or whatever. It's awful!! Y'all need to stop this foolery 'else YOU are gonna be the one in Hell.

Think about this and what you do to others when doing that! It makes others feel that they don't have a choice and it sucks. So please don't force people into your religion.


  • "Research" before comparing religions. It'll help you broaden your views a bit on whether or not you are really being accurate.

    Jan 11, 2019

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