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Step through the age of 21, there are many thoughts on my mind.I am no longer a kid. Thinking of 21-year-old is the age of maturity,responsibility, the age of discovering a new journey. It can be said to some 21-year-olds that they are the best age to chill,to discover themselves and things outside society. It was a long time, before I reached this age, I had a lot of change.For me, change to grow up in positive direction. To grow up, I gave up some bad friendships, the so-called "toxic people". To grow you have to learn how to fall, then you have to stand up on your own. Do not rely on anyone. Learn to love yourself. Cry alone. Love, suffering. That is part of my thinking. I am a very sensitive person. Tough times and events in my life made me to be a very strong girl.When you feel the strength in your heart, no one has the right to hurt you. Change your way of life, change you in a perfect way. Change you for no one, change you because you want to. Friends also changed, leaving you behind. So is affection. Don't put much hope on anyone. Remind yourself to just put in the place where you call it yourself and family. My parents raised me, just wanted me to be happy. What reason do I have to suffer because of things that hurt me.Open love for family when you can. Loving those who truly love you. Forgive and forget those who hurt us. Life will be much happier.


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