Your Blood. Read Count : 10

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It was raining again. 

Bring out all those things back into nature. 

And one memory. 

A piece of you. 

Smells of the rain. 

Dewy cold feet. 

The air was cold. 

That old bike you gave as a present. 

It was broken over there. 

You couldn't fix it anymore. 

Like my heart. 

I love to feel this comfortable emotions. 

I knew you weren't there. 

With or without you as a companion. 

This heart, this heat, this anger already killed me. 

Mixed with the smell of the rain. 

They said I was a broken one. 

I was. 

But I didn't ruin my life with your blood stained on my shirt. 

It was raining again. 

Washed all the ground, 

All the pain in me.

Didn't want to get away. 

Even for such a temporary freedom. 


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  • Jan 08, 2019

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    Jan 08, 2019

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