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It all started in 7th grade and I met someone on a game. His name was John. We started hanging out a lot and a few weeks later we started going out together. I thought he was the one for the longest time. But I don't know if I did something wrong but please don't leave me I said as I begged him to stay. We've been to together for almost a year please don't leave me now as tears filled my eyes and started rolling down my cheeks. He said I'm sorry but I've found someone better and she's not sad all the time like you. A month went by and I was alone crying every night and cutting everyday. I felt like I would never find the one I'm looking for. Someone who will except me for who I am. I hardly leave my room now that he's gone I missed a lot of school. And when u didn't go to school I wouldn't talk to anyone I always sat by myself never ate lunch or breakfast. Till one day I was heading to class, when I walked in the room his eyes met mine and we stared at each other for a few seconds. I sat down and he came over and sat with me. Hi my name is Cameron it looked like you could use some company hope you don't mind he said with a smile. Nice to meet you Cameron I'm Alecia as I tried not to make eye contact again. We spent the rest of the school day just talking. He became my best friend. A few days after knowing him he asked me if I would like to join him for lunch. As my face turned red I agreed but I told him I don't eat lunch. That's ok he said as he tried to grab my hand without me noticing. Nothing really happened between us I told him I just wanted to be friends and he was cool with that. About 5 or 6 months later I met Michael I was 15 when we started dating and we met through one of his friends named Buck. In the beginning of our relationship we fought a lot but we fixed it we broke up 3 times and we're back together now forever. And it felt like love. For the longest time I would ask myself what is love. But I have found it. And it was there in his heart. The first week after our last big fight he got me to stop cutting. And we've been together ever since.   


  • Alecia Hamner

    Alecia Hamner

    never give up on love there's someone for everyone

    Jan 08, 2019

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