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Going to class high, plus studying high, plus taking the test high, doesn’t necessarily mean high scores. Although, in high school I began drinking every day before class started at nine in the morning. I could have graduated a year early with my grades (plus summer classes). I even took the SAT drunk and scored a 1204 (this was before they completely changed the test from 1400 to 1600 as a perfect score.) I decided to walk with my class during graduation which made my senior year a joke. It was an honor walking across the stage that night as the ecstasy I—and a few others—had already begun sending waves of love and euphoria throughout my body. My principal stuttered when he told me “Congratulations,” when he looked straight into my eyes carrying the black holes of my dilated pupils. 
Have as much fun as possible in school. But don’t overdo it like I did after. 


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