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Chapter Four

Standing in front of the mirror, she had already tried on two outfits. One was too dressy, and the other, too casual. Why is this so difficult? She repeated to herself in a breathless, frustrated whisper. She dresses herself daily without even the slightest thought, and yet, tonight it's somehow different. She can't explain what she felt, there were no words that would fit. She's a writer, and yet, she remains blank and confused, but there's something else, something deep inside that excites her.

A quick glance at the clock told her that she had to decide on something soon, or she would be greeting her new friend naked.

Taking one last perouse through her still unpacked suitcase, she decided on a simple black, long sleeve sweater with her favorite pair of dark blue jeans. Adding just the tiniest spritz of perfume for the final touch, she was ready.

Marnie tidied up her kitchen, loading the single coffee cup, a spoon, the knife she used to cut the fruit she had for lunch, and the plate that held it all into the dishwasher. She wiped down the counters and got two wine glasses and placed them them next to the bottle of wine she chose for them.

She was folding the blanket she used for her nap earlier and laid it neatly over the back of the couch, when she heard a knock at the door. Taking in a slow deep breath, with an even slower exhale, she calmed her anxieties, and answered the door. Tawny stood before her, caught off guard by how sexy she was. Beautiful, yet masculine. Marnie has been learning some new things about herself in the past few days, she wasn't sure if it was excitement or fear that she was feeling, but she threw caution to the wind and decided to jump in with both feet.

Away from her home in the city, where she was well known in her neighborhood, she felt as though she had more opportunities to explore herself without having to adhere to a certain persona to maintain her reputation. She was content, and for the first time, in a very long time she felt hope. Hope for healing, and hope for happiness.

“Come in,” Marnie opened the door and gestured with her hand as if pointing the way inside. Tawny had a large brown bag, the savoury aromas teasing her nose, causing her tummy to rumble. She was hungry, and whatever was in that bag smelled heavenly.

“Hey there,” Tawny said as she took a quick glance around the place. “Wow, you definitely made this place a home. It looks so much better than it did when my realtor showed me the place. Much better job than I would ever do, I guess this place was always meant for you,”

“Thank you, that is so kind of you, it's definitely cozy, it has to be, or I'd never write,” Marnie said then ended with a bit of an awkward chuckle.

Shifting the awkwardness a bit, she led Tawny into the small “cozy” kitchen, at least that's how her real estate agent described it.

“That smells heavenly,”

“I hope you like Italian, up the road a bit from my cafe sits an old ma and pa restaurant that has, hands down, the best lasagna bolognese I have ever tasted,” Tawny said while pulling the top off of the aluminum to go box. “This is pure heaven, where are the plates?”

“Oh, plates!” Marnie gasped, feeling a tad embarrassed. She pulled out two plates from the cupboard above her and handed them to Tawny. While she dished their food, Marnie opened the bottle of cabernet and poured them both some and set the glasses on the dining table and went back for forks and napkins.

Tawny set the plates on the table, next to the glasses Marnie set out. They both sat down and put their napkins on their laps, as if almost in sync. Tawny held her glass up for a toast, “To new friends,”

“To new friends,” Marnie repeated then tapped her glass with Tawny's and they took a sip.

Conversation was flowing, they talked about life, their goals, their ambitions. They laughed until they cried. Marnie was having the best time, she hoped her new friend was as well.

Marnie leaned back in her chair and set her hand on her belly, “That was delicious, I am so full,”

“Was I right? It's quite literally the best you've ever had..right?” she joked.

“Most definitely, almost better than sex” she blurted out, feeling suddenly embarrassed.

“Well, I wouldn't go that far,” they both locked eyes for a very awkward moment. Marnie then stood up to collect their plates and put them in the sink to break the silence.

Marnie hollered at her guest, “How about a fire and wine on the deck?”

“Sounds amazing, wood out back? I can get it started?” Tawny cautiously asked, trying not to be too forward.

“Music to my ears, I am a terrible firestarter,” Marnie jokes.

Tawny slipped on her coat, and headed out back, while Marnie opened another bottle of wine, filling both of their glasses, and soon followed.

“Brrr, let me grab a couple of blankets,” Marnie spouted before running back inside.

By the time she dug out a second blanket and headed back out through the french doors, the fire was already going strong.

“I am impressed,” Marnie announced then handed Tawny a blanket, and they both cuddled up in their chairs, wine in hand.

“It's really a beautiful night,” Tawny said breaking the moment of silence that dangled between them.

The nearly full moon reflected off of the still water of the pond, looking like a painting. The leaves in the trees danced along with the light breeze, adding an extra chill in the air. However, with all the wine, the fire, thick blankets, and mostly, the company, they were unaffected.

“It sure is,” Marnie agreed. “You know, I never come out here in the evenings, seems a tad scary when you're all alone, "she finished then looked over to Tawny who was already looking at her, they exchanged a smile.

Continuing their gaze, Marnie got lost in the light from the fire that danced in her eyes. She wondered if Tawny felt the electricity between them, she wondered if she wanted to taste her lips the way she wanted to taste hers. Feeling her anxiety bubbling up inside her, she blinks softly to break the connection, and sits up straight in her chair, “I have to pee, need anything while I am inside?” Marnie offered.

Handing Marnie her empty glass, she smiles, looking a bit tipsy, “More wine please?”

“Coming right up,” she grabbed both of their glasses and slid through the small opening between the doors.

Once inside, Marnie set the glasses on the dining table then headed down the hall into the bathroom. She flushed, washed, then checked herself out in the mirror, looking for anything that may of gotten lodged in her teeth. 

She pulled out some lip gloss from her drawer and painted it on, then quickly ran back to fetch and fill their glasses.

Puzzled a bit, she scratches her head staring at the empty dining room table, I could have sworn I left the glasses here. Maybe she forgot and set them on the counter, so she pushes past the table and into the kitchen, sure enough, there they were. She questioned whether or not another glass is even a good idea. She decides to throw caution to the wind, and pours herself another. She jumped when she felt warmth on the back of her neck, turning around, suddenly, face to face with the woman who makes her feel alive again. 

They both, after a bottle and a half of wine, were feeling pretty tipsy. Tawny, who was almost a foot taller than Marnie, leaned down and gently grazed her lips softly. Marnie let out a subtle moan as her body melted against Tawny. Fireworks. Her mouth opened just slightly, allowing their tongues to meet and dance with each other. Marnie's knees were weak and Tawny, almost by instinct, lifted her up onto the counter and slipped herself safely between her legs. Any closer, and they would be meshed into one body, their hearts beating in unison, drowning out the world around them.

She felt alive.

 A warm sensation coursing through her veins, tingling the very depths of the woman she never knew existed within her. Taking every last ounce of what Tawny was offering, drinking it all up as if tipping the glass upside down to not miss a single drop. They were so lost in the moment, that they both jumped, Marnie let out a scream, as the glass of wine slipped off of the counter and shattered on the white tiled floor. Peeling themselves away from each other, hands trembling from both fear, and whatever it was happening between them, they explode into laughter.

“Let me grab a towel,” Marnie spoke first, while Tawny carefully collected the bigger pieces of glass she could easily grab, tossing them into the bin underneath the sink.

Together, they cleaned up the mess, and decided that it was a sign to call it a night. After putting out the fire, and folding the blankets, they said their goodbyes.

Marnie turned out the lights and made her way down the hall, subtly lit by the moon shining through the windows. Flipping the switch on the lamp next to her bed, she saw the framed photo of her late husband and son laying neatly on her pillow. Did I leave this here? She thought to herself. Brushing it off to her increased forgetfulness, she climbs into bed and falls to sleep almost immediately.

He smiles to himself, standing at the foot of her bed, just watching her sleep.


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