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Many might say what you mean by this? Those who have understood would say, I guess we need to wait. Finally those who have seen majority of their lifetime would say, NOTHING, YET ANOTHER CRAP.

I was wondering how long should I wait for a new thing to start happening on this earth. Why it is said CHANGES ARE THE ESSENCE OF LIFE when we don't see anything changing. Leaving the buildings, roads, vehicles and so on, why aren't we getting added benefits in our lives as year grows up?

Why we don't see expenses coming down? Why aren't we feeling satisfied even after working like dogs day and night? Don't we have dreams of being in a place which could assure us a place without asking us to work compulsory thereby providing the basic amenities of life at a more cheaper affordable rate.

Why should we work without any desire on work for it is not what we desired. ALMIGHTY GOD provided us the land, water, fresh air, plants and foods and everything free of cost. All that we do is captivate the land and start cultivation and then in the name of money we sell it and like this lots of process takes place but DO WE PAY THE MONEY FOR ALMIGHTY GOD no, we pay it for the same humans just because he has worked. 

If he stops working will the land won't offer us our bread or if he keeps the land does that mean he can do whatever he can. No. This earth belongs to ALMIGHTY GOD. It is HIS alms to us to lead a life and not to make unwanted mess of it. 

Surely a day of independence would come when we needn't work for money but just for time pass and for our personal satisfaction not meant for few but for all. 

I love to see a land which offers everything without expecting too much from us. 


  • some provided EVERYTHING for themselves

    Jan 08, 2019

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