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Though my words may often fail me, she is always my inspiration. 

She is why I wake up every morning, put both feet on the ground and face the world with all of it's monsters. 


My beginning and my ending, and all I want to do is hang on just a little bit longer to everything in between. 

Without her, would I even know how to feel my own heart? 

Would I know what to do? 

Who would I be without her? 

She makes me believe. 

She makes me feel that anything is possible. 

Yes, she.

She, that is me.

If I only could ask for one thing, it would be... 

please don't let me fail her.


  • Jan 07, 2019

  • Jan 07, 2019

  • Beautiful and very poignant

    Jan 07, 2019

  • Jan 07, 2019

  • Jan 08, 2019

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