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I thought for a while and decided let me write a story that might sound illusionary and would better decide LUCIFIER in a new form completely different from what the peoples think and imagine about this great Satan, for this my story should go before 4.54 billion yrs. 

1. The whole earth didn't even have a name of its own nor any life existed. It was a planet filled with the depth of more than 100 kms of water on the surface of earth. Inside that mass ocean bed was seen a creature, what was it? 

2. Just like today's scientists find out the rare one or two species on planet Mars sometimes, even this creature was also seen drowning to the depth of the ocean. The view just zoomed and what did it find, a man with long beards, who was he and why was he drowning? 

3. Suddenly a thunder lightning struck the mass ocean bed and it moved 2,99,000 kms per second and reached the Saint(drowning man) and started to wake him up but failed. 

4. So looking at the darkness, the lightning took the form of a goddess and once again tried to awoke the Saint. She scanned the planet and found 2 poles. She took the closed mouths of top pole and saw that the earth's 24 beams started to collapse but the power of water inflow was so heavy that it within no time gushed about 89 kms depth of water into the earth's 9 layers. She closed the pole and remaining 11 kms depth of water stayed on the earth in the form of ocean. 

5. The goddess with her cosmic powers lifted the Saint out of the ocean depth and both reached some part of the just created planet earth roughly before 4.54 billion yrs ago. 

The Saint was the first creation on earth who was named by ALMIGHTY GOD as HIS creation which I can name anything but what is there in the name, it is what he does is all it matters. The goddess was too tired so she and the Saint both were asleep and after some years the Saint regained his consciousness and found himself with lady, he wondered,


To be continued............... 


  • Jan 07, 2019

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